Can I Ship Vitamins Internationally?

Learn about sending vitamins and supplements internationally and why sticking to domestic destinations may be the easiest route
can I ship vitamins internationally
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Whether or not you can send vitamins and supplements internationally is a hot topic within the shipping community. A lot of online sellers (especially drop-shippers) ask it at one point or another. The problem is, the answers don’t seem to be too clear. Some resources say you can; some say you can’t. So, we’re here to set the record straight!

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You Can Ship Vitamins Internationally with Any Major Carrier in the U.S.

First thing’s first: none of the major carriers in the United States restrict you from sending vitamins and supplements overseas. Vitamins and supplements don’t contain any hazardous materials, and for the most part, nothing that makes the major carriers treat them as dangerous or controlled substances. This is much different from shipping prescription medicine, as you generally can’t send those types of shipments to international destinations at all (unless you are a DEA registered distributor).

However, just because the carriers allow you to ship vitamins internationally doesn’t mean every country allows these types of shipments to enter. It takes two to tango, after all!

Check Your Destination Country’s Restrictions to Make Sure They Allow Imports of Vitamins

While the major carriers don’t restrict you, the country you plan on sending your vitamins to might not accept these shipments at all. So, you should always double-check the Individual Country Listings on the USPS website. Here, you’ll see each country’s import restrictions, and you’ll also be able to find whether you need to include certain permissions, labeling, or paperwork along with your shipment.

Some Countries Require Certain Paperwork to Import Vitamins and Supplements

Speaking of paperwork: if your destination country does allow vitamins and supplement imports, chances are you’ll probably need to include some of it in your shipment. Since cases vary from country to country, it’s hard for us to list out what you’ll need here. However, if you can’t find anything in the USPS Individual Country Listings we linked above, a quick Google search with “shipping vitamins to (insert country name here)” will return the results you’re looking for.

Sticking to Domestic Destinations May Be the Easiest Route for Your Business

At the end of the day, sending vitamins overseas may be more of a headache than it’s worth taking on. So, choosing the path of least resistance may be the best choice for your online business. By that, we mean avoid sending vitamins internationally altogether. However, if you do, you should prepare to potentially fight an uphill battle with your destination country’s customs department.

On the other hand, sending vitamins and supplements within the United States is as easy as sticking your bottles in a box and buying a label! If you stick to domestic destinations for your vitamin shipments, you won’t be bogged down by regulations, and won’t have to deal with stringent customs departments.

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