What is Commercial Plus Pricing?

Commercial Plus Pricing (now simply called Commercial Pricing) represents the deepest discounts USPS has to offer.
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Commercial Plus Pricing (or “CPP”) is a USPS pricing tier that reflects the deepest level of USPS postage discounts on postage available. CPP rates provide significant discounts on postage for companies that ship a high volume of packages. Therefore, it helps to think of Commercial Plus Pricing like “wholesale” rates for USPS. CPP rates are much more discounted than the Post Office Retail Rate. Shipping costs can easily be the biggest expenses for E-commerce businesses. Therefore, every E-Commerce business owner should take advantage of Commercial Plus Pricing. That includes YOU, too!

How Can I Take Advantage of Commercial Plus Pricing?

Believe it or not, most small businesses and consumers don’t even know about this pricing tier! Typically, the only way to access this level of USPS discounts is to enter into a contract with USPS. Those contracts have certain stipulations, like shipping a minimum of 50,000 packages a year. In reality, that’s a lofty goal for a lot of small businesses to reach.

The good news is, Pirate Ship’s free USPS shipping software lets you access Commercial Plus Pricing rates with NO contracts, markups, or fees! That means you get the deepest USPS discounts possible, which is the only way your small business can compete with the big guys.

Commercial Plus Pricing vs. Commercial Pricing: Which One is Better?

This is a trick question. The answer is: they’re both the exact same thing! Starting on January 27th, 2019, USPS is making some pretty big changes. In addition to their decision to raise postage prices, they are eliminating Commercial Base Pricing and changing the name of Commercial Plus Pricing to simply “Commercial Pricing.”

As a result of this change, there will now be only two USPS pricing tiers: Retail Pricing and Commercial Pricing. However, you’ll still probably see the term “Commercial Plus Pricing” a lot online, since USPS has used this pricing tier for over a decade now. Just keep in mind that they represent the same level of discounts.

Oh, and one more thing. As always, watch out for sneaky shipping solutions out there that add markups to their postage prices. A lot of them will probably keep using old terminology like Commercial Base and Commercial Plus Pricing to confuse customers into buying marked up postage. Don’t be fooled!

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