USPS experimenting with same-day delivery in Texas
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USPS Experimenting with Same-Day Delivery

USPS Connect Local launches in select parts of Texas to provide same-day delivery for small businesses, will soon roll out nationwide

In select parts of Dallas, Texas, USPS has begun experimenting with a same-day delivery program geared towards small businesses. This same-day delivery pilot program provides local-to-local same-day or next-day package delivery at affordable rates, and will soon roll out nationwide.

Local Same-Day Delivery Service is a Part of the Broader USPS Connect Program

This same-day delivery service, called USPS Connect Local, is a branch of the broader USPS Connect program, which is part of the agency’s 10-year plan to achieve financial sustainability. The Postal Service says USPS Connect Local will help businesses of all sizes meet growing consumer demand for affordable, fast delivery (and returns) for local and regional destinations.

Texas Pilot Program Is Indicative of the Postal Service’s Push to Focus on Small Businesses Across the Country

All in all, the goal of launching USPS Connect Local is to offer big-volume benefits to small business customers. Once customers enroll in the program, they will get access to discounted USPS rates that USPS usually only reserves for large-volume mailers. Then, when they’re ready to ship, they can bring any prepaid packages directly to the back dock of select postal facilities close to the packages’ final destinations.

USPS Chief Commerce and Business Solutions Officer Jakki Krage Strako spoke on the goals of launching USPS Connect Local. She said the following:

“USPS Connect Local will give businesses of all sizes direct access to our unmatched delivery network so packages can get on postal vehicles sooner and reach consumers more quickly. It’s unprecedented, and we’re excited to bring this offering to our customers—first in Texas, and then across the country once we demonstrate our readiness.”

USPS says it will add additional USPS Connect Local locations in the coming weeks as it refines its operational capabilities.

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