Priority Mail Regional Rate: Steer Clear!

Learn why shipping Priority Mail Regional Rate is never a good deal
priority mail regional rate box

If you read our article on medium and large flat rate boxes, then you understand why shipping Priority Mail Flat Rate isn’t a good deal and why you should be using Priority Mail Cubic. In case your memory needs refreshing, here’s why. Even though medium and large flat rate boxes are free, you’ll save more money by shipping in the deeply discounted mail class Priority Mail Cubic. Priority Mail Cubic also allows your small business to use custom branded packaging instead of being constrained to the USPS branded boxes, which goes a long way for building up customer loyalty. Makes perfect sense, right? Well, the same concept applies when it comes to Priority Mail Regional Rate.

What’s Priority Mail Regional Rate?

Priority Mail Regional Rate (or “Regional Rate,” for short) is a sub-service of the USPS mail class Priority Mail. Like all Priority Mail Services, delivery occurs between 1 to 3 business days, it comes with free package tracking, and $100 of insurance is automatically included. Regional Rate is often mistaken as a good choice for business shippers, but don’t be fooled! You should steer clear, and you’re about to find out why.

Why Regional Rate Isn’t a Good Deal

When it comes time to choose a USPS mail class, a lot of small businesses pick Regional Rate since USPS offers Regional Rate boxes for free. However, Regional Rate is NEVER cheaper than other USPS services—even after you factor in the free boxes. You can ship a similar-sized custom package with Priority Mail Cubic and save up to $10 compared to Regional Rate. If you’re shipping with USPS, those per-package savings can be the difference between your business succeeding or failing!

We’ll lay the bread crumbs down for you to follow. If you used your own custom packaging and shipped with Priority Mail Cubic, you’d get the same service standard, similar maximum weight limits, and you’d save tons of money. Therefore, you should always choose to ship Priority Mail Cubic as opposed to Regional Rate. Simply put, shipping Priority Mail Cubic is one of the cheapest ways to ship with USPS. As DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, and Quavo of Migos fame like to say: “It’s a no-brainer!”

A Quick Example

Regional Rate Box A1 is just barely over 0.2 cubic feet. If you shipped a 0.2 tier box with Priority Mail Cubic, you’d save up to 30% compared to Regional Rate.

Regional Rate Box B1 is just barely over 0.4 cubic feet. If you used your own packaging to ship a 0.4 cubic box with Priority Mail Cubic, you’d save up to 32% compared to Regional Rate.

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