Globegistics (now part of Asendia)


Globegistics was a niche shipping carrier and consolidator that helped eCommerce businesses access foreign markets by reaching international customers at economical rates. They boasted a wide variety of integrated shipping software partners such as EasyPost, Endicia, ShippingEasy, Easyship, ShipHero and more. Recently, Asendia required the company.


Globegistics provided a wide variety of international shipping and mailing services. By integrating with several shipping software providers, their services allowed eCommerce businesses to easily reach customers in any part of the world. They also claimed some of the quickest delivery timeframes on the market, with their “Standard” bulk shipment service averaging between just 5-9 business days. However, it was important for users to keep an eye out for postage markups on top of their published prices. Globegistics’ bread and butter was shipping time-sensitive documents and small parcels. Still, there was always an even cheaper way to quickly ship lightweight packages internationally with USPS…and it’s called Simple Export Rate.

Feature Overview:

  • Wide variety of integrations with several shipping software providers
  • Users could protect international parcels with shipping insurance through their partnership with U-Pic
  • Easily ship parcels to the United Kingdom
    • Globegistics was an official US Sales Agent for Royal Mail, Europe’s largest parcel delivery network
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  • eCommerce businesses could reach virtually any address around the globe in 2-5 business days with their “Express” international air freight service
    • This service included pickups, customs clearance, duties and taxes, and signature proof of delivery
  • Large amount of educational resources on their prior website
  • Phone support was during normal business hours
    • Email support was also available on their website

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  1. Unhappy

    Been waiting for my package nearly two months now and latest tracking info is from nearly a month ago. Trying to blame Covid-19 for this even though all other international mail has made its way to me with no problems. Very bad service and super slow delivery.

  2. peach

    okay so Im sure we all know the big drink manufacturer that uses this company for shipping..and I think we all know how painfully slow this service is.
    Their Jamaica, NY Sorting facility is constantly backed up. When your package arrives there, you can expect it to stay there for up to two weeks at a time.
    Sucks to see bigger companies cutting corners in shipping costs when it results in such a bad customer experience. It’s not their fault, though, really. Companies purchasing services from Globegistics can’t control their practices.
    Unsure if they just can’t handle the volume of packages they have to process or what..maybe they should hire some more employees..who knows.

    • Globegistics Sucks

      The worst shipper in the world. SSSSSSSSSSLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW¡!!!!!!!!!!!..……… And they charge through the nose for that privelege!!

  3. Sims

    These people have very poor service.
    My packages Tracking has been sitting at one place for 6days.
    USPS says item has been delivered to logistics. And logistics are telling me they haven’t recieved package yet.
    DONT choose globegistics They are Dam Poor in everything. Other people’s. Packages are gone missing.
    Thier service is Very Poor. If there is any word other than poor. That’s what I will have used.

    • Amanda

      If I could give no stars I would
      My package is being sent from New Jersey to Australia and it has gone back and forth from New Jersey to New Jersey it has not had any updates since 3rd august and I ordered the package in July.
      I have emailed them and they said here is the tracking link absolutely apauling customer service. My items total cost were $300 and they don’t.

  4. Ramu S.

    We’ve been using Globegistics for a while as a more cost-effective alternative to DHL. All of our international customers seem to be happy and haven’t had many problems with delivery.

    • N

      Worst shipping company. Been waiting for my package since may 2020 and it has not been delivered yet ( September end 2020 ), according to them it arrived in my country in july and they handed to some ‘local postal service’ , but when you ask them to provide info about the the local post service like company name and their contact they dont have any info. I am 100% sure now they have lost my package and i wont be able to get a refund too since the brand I ordered from is another shitty company who says according to their shipping contract the shipping company is responsible for the goods and i have to directly deal with them. Dont buy from antisocialsocialclub if you dont live in USA and never use Globegistics or asendia for shipping!


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