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iD Commerce and Logistics is a fulfillment center and logistics company based just west of Chicago, Illinois. As a “premier business process outsourcer” to a wide variety of companies (including some Fortune 500 brands), they specialize in product fulfillment and marketing fulfillment services.


iD Commerce and Logistics boasts that clients drastically lower operational costs as a result of outsourcing fulfillment to them, especially E-commerce businesses like subscription boxes. They claim that subscription clients decrease overall operational costs by 15-30% a year and decrease overall freight spending by 10-30%. In addition to providing the standard fulfillment services like packaging, assembly, kitting, inventory management, returns processing and more, they also create custom branded packaging for clients. On their website, they heavily advertise that clients are able to get that coveted “Seller Fulfilled Prime” badge on Amazon. iD takes care of fulfillment for a wide variety of businesses in various industries, such as E-tail sellers and subscription boxes.

Feature Overview:

  • Fulfillment services tailored to a variety of industries such as E-tail businesses, subscription boxes, direct response, catalog, and continuity
  • Integrate their software with major marketplaces such as Amazon
  • Custom packaging services available for clients
  • Browse more features


  • Use iD’s “Enterprise Commerce Solution” to easily manage all your operations through a single integrated commerce platform
    • Platform includes order management, customer relations management, inventory management, integration management and more
  • Phone support during normal business hours
    • Email and contact form also available on their website
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  1. Ryan M.

    Top notch fulfillment partner, you and all your customers are in good hands with iD


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