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Launched just in 2015, is a Walmart-owned shopping website where consumers can buy all sorts of products at low prices and receive added perks.


For a relatively new company, has been making a lot of waves. From a consumer standpoint, has some pretty sweet perks. Not only are the prices low, but 2-5 day shipping is free with a minimum purchase of just $35. Also, the potential for savings blows competitors out of the water. Customers save money by earning “Jet Cash” through referrals, buying in bulk, and bundling purchases (prices of individual items get slashed in real time when users add more items to their cart). However, doesn’t really make it easy for E-retailers. It’s important to note that retailers can’t just start selling products on the platform right away like other websites. First, they need to apply online. The next step is to integrate directly with Jet’s API or through a third-party such as ChannelAdvisor or CommerceHub. If your E-commerce business is looking to sell products online, there are better all-in-one solutions such as Shopify or Volusion that can get you started right away.

Feature Overview:

  • Browse millions of products at potentially lower prices than competitors
  • Sellers access millions of new customers
    • Use their “Jet Rules Engine” to control profitability and competitiveness
  • Detailed sales reporting and analytics
  • Browse more features


  • Apply online to sell products on the platform
  • Consumers save money by referring friends, buying in bulk and opting out of free returns
  • Product Listing Reference Guide contains product listing instructions as well as contact information
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  1. An excellent post, thank you!

  2. Nick

    Probably not as many products but honestly the prices are even better than Amazon, I predict Jet’s popularity will explode in the next few years

  3. Lauren M.

    Applied to sell on the marketplace, still waiting to hear back. Hopefully this review will help, haha

  4. Cameron

    From a consumer standpoint, this is legit! I don’t know why more people don’t know about it. The bundle savings algorithm they have created is the best part about buying products and it definitely incentivizes you to add items to your cart. It might not be much but it’s still saving money!


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