MUNBYN Thermal Printer


The MUNBYN thermal printer is a USB-connected printer that allows users to print a large variety of shipping label sizes, including 2×7″ and 4×6″ labels.


On the surface, the MUNBYN thermal label printer looks like a pretty sweet deal. The price point is relatively attractive, it prints a huge selection of label sizes (including 2×7″ and 4×6″), and the design is fairly sleek. This makes it perfect for printing off shipping labels for packages of any size, as well as customs forms that require the standard 4×6″ sizes. Since it works with all these different sizes, it’s a great printer for pairing with online shipping software.

That said, things start to get clunky with the MUNBYN when you start getting into the need for a mobile setup. You can only connect to a computer via a USB cable, whereas some other label printers offer wireless printing and instantaneous response. If you’re working on a desktop computer with plenty of USB works, the MUNBYN is a solid option. However, mobile setups are a different story. If you use a mobile device or a laptop without USB ports, it may make sense to spring for a wireless printer.

MUNBYN Thermal Printer Highlights:

  • Connect to a computer via USB cable
  • Auto-detect label sizes when you insert them into the printer
  • Print a wide variety of label sizes, including 2×7″ and 4×6″ shipping labels
  • 2-year warranty from date of purchase
  • Out-of-the-country support may be spotty, with WhatsApp and email support available on the MUNBYN website

Not sure if the MUNBYN Thermal Printer is right for you?

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