OrangeDS is a private shipping carrier that also doubles as a postage consolidator and global fulfillment network. They offer clients discounted shipping rates and competitive delivery times, using USPS for last mile delivery. Specializing in international shipping, OrangeDS ships to over 220 countries.


If your E-commerce business is shipping parcels internationally, OrangeDS is an alternative to the major carriers. They offer volume discounts for businesses shipping lots of parcels, as well as global fulfillment services to get your products to your customers quickly. While the fulfillment aspect of their business is a nice perk, potential clients should keep in mind that they add markups on top of their actual published postage prices. Therefore, you’ll get even better discounts if you use shipping software to buy postage online. Generally speaking, we think you’re better off shipping with USPS in the first place…especially if you can keep your fulfillment in-house. You can even take advantage of a special international service called Simple Export Rate, which is hands down the cheapest way to send parcels under 4 pounds internationally with USPS.


  • Ship to over 220 countries worldwide, including countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East
  • Their Global Fulfillment Program allows for outsourcing fulfillment at strategic locations throughout the United States and other foreign countries
  • Integrate their API with multiple marketplaces and shopping carts
  • Use their browser-based portal OrangeTrac to manage and review your shipments
  • Contact form available on their website

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  1. Gny

    So annoyed. 12 days and there is no news about my parcel. I email them but they don’t reply. Never again!

  2. Rob Douglas

    It took my parcel 18 days to be delivered to me from New Jersey to Maryland, disgraceful! They should not be in business.

  3. Charles Vacher

    Very bad service.
    Is Orange ds
    a fraud?

  4. Claire Gauntlett

    Emailed numerous times no reply, tracking number didn’t even work. Absolute joke. Haven’t received my parcel.


    It seems that orange-ds main job is to make excuses for it’s shippers. I have 2 sellers using orange-ds tracking and both say there’s a shipping delay due to weather. A 10 day delay. No other shippers have any weather warnings for the same dates.


    How a monkey jerk of an operation like this stays in business is a “Wonder of the World”! Their tracking, being polite, not only misses the mark, but the target altogether.
    As The Donald would say, “You’re Fired”!

  7. Cate

    Making a note of any seller that uses this service and never buying from them again.

  8. Steve Sugarek

    I have never had the displeasure of being introduced to OrangeDS until now. I bought an item on eBay that has been sitting at some hub waiting to be forwarded to USPS, and it has not budged in several days. Apparently the seller may have used this outfit as a convenient, lower cost alternative to traditional shipping means, but this is akin to betting on a jackass to win the Kentucky Derby! Take heed and stay away from this company, their service is hideous!

    • John

      Awful awful awful. Does NOT take over 10 days for an order from New Jersey to delaware… Even when shipped Media mail. I could have drove the 2 hours to get it in less time. Congrats to orange ds for giving all your customers nothing but negative feedback on ebay.

  9. Brian

    What an utter and complete joke of a company. They need to close up shop permanently. They have had my package for EIGHT DAYS and they only have to take to a post office near where they received it. THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Alexander Walter

    Like almost everyone else, I never received my parcel, although the shipment was claimed to have been delivered.

  11. Deborah Martin

    They said they delivered my parcel. It is no where to be found. One of a kind book. So upset

  12. Bill


  13. Trip McN

    No package, no excuse
    Orange DS is crap

  14. Trip McN

    No delivery, no refund, no explanation

    • KSD

      Shitiest shipping service provider there is. The delivery distance is just from Kentucky to Connecticut, it has been a month.

    • Christine

      Horrible. Never received my package. Businesses who use this “service” to save money should be prepared to lose business.

  15. Abhi

    Ridiculous service. No reply even after emailing 3 times.

  16. Jess

    I was supposed to get a parcel delivered through this company. Have not received it yet.

  17. Lao

    Easy to ship to Asia and track packages, have sent a lot of small parcels from California to Japan/Korea/Philippines with no problem

    • Julius Paltriguera

      I ordered from the US book seller a Holy Bible and OrangeDS was suppose to deliver it to me in the UK. Until this writing I didn’t get it although they alleged to have delivered it in 31Dec2020..

      • Nancy Lee

        Email stated my book was delivered today but it wasn’t there. Having hard time finding a way to contact. Will try again tomorrow


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