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With an aim to disrupt E-commerce on mobile devices, Wish.com is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell products at extremely high discounts.


Ever heard the phrase “You’re judged by the company you keep?” That’s something to remember if you’re considering joining the community of sellers on Wish.com. First of all, you can’t visit Wish.com without being prompted to sign up. In fact, there’s no “exit” button to get out of their welcome pop up. Maybe that doesn’t matter so much to you, but we think it’s pretty annoying. Then there’s the site functionality itself. A ton of customers have complained their items never came, or they purchased an item only to receive a cheap knockoff. Our opinion? It’s cool if you’re trying to buy random stuff on the cheap, but if you’re a seller, don’t even bother. This isn’t a marketplace you want to be a part of. If your E-commerce business is looking to sell products online, there are lots of better all-in-one solutions out there for you.

Feature Overview:

  • Access heavily discounted items
  • Sell products to a growing customer base of 300+ million users
  • Optional paid campaigns to boost product visibility in the marketplace
  • Browse more features


  • No product listing fees
  • Horrible customer reviews
    • Lots of complaints that customers never received products
    • Most products appear to be knockoffs
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  1. Tania

    signed up for wish and ordered a free gift when I made my account. IT NEVER CAME!! also tried buying a couple things and they never came in the mail either. dont do it!!!


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