Which USPS Services Come With Insurance?

Learn about all the USPS services that come with built-in insurance, and what do you if you need additional coverage
which USPS services come with insurance

If you’ve shipped a lot with USPS, chances are you may have had a package go missing or arrive damaged. It happens! That said, a lot of shippers are surprised to learn that, oftentimes, their package didn’t come with USPS insurance…and there’s nothing they can do to file a claim. So, we’re here to make sure you don’t get caught with your pants down if you ever find yourself in this situation! This guide lays out all the USPS services that come with insurance…and all the ones that don’t.

The USPS Services That Include Insurance

We’ve listed all the USPS services that come with built-in USPS insurance below:

  • Priority Mail
    • This includes each “sub-service” of Priority Mail, such as Priority Mail Flat Rate, Priority Mail Cubic, and Priority Mail Regional Rate
  • Priority Mail Express

On the other hand, these are the services that do not include USPS insurance:

  • First Class Package
  • Retail Ground/Parcel Select Ground
  • Media Mail

Learn more about all the different USPS mail classes.

You Can Still Buy Insurance for Your Packages

Even if the USPS mail class you chose doesn’t come with built-in insurance, don’t fret! You can still add insurance to your packages. This is typically done through third-party insurance providers that partner with all the major shipping carriers. Some of the more popular examples of these companies are Shipsurance, U-PIC, Shipsaver, and more.

Insurance Amounts Go Up When You Buy Labels with Shipping Software Compared to at the Post Office

When you walk into the Post Office to ship a package, you may notice that regular Priority Mail service only comes with $50 of protection. However, when you use shipping software to buy postage online, you automatically get upgraded to $100 of insurance for all Priority Mail labels. So, not only do you save money by getting access to the deepest level of USPS discounts, you also get more protection at no extra cost! Pretty sweet, right?

This is because shipping software offers USPS labels at the Commercial Pricing level. USPS typically reserves Commercial Pricing discounts for their VIP shippers, such as huge companies sending 50,000 or more packages a year. However, since shipping software companies are able to enter bulk negotiations with USPS, you can access this level of pricing for free. Consequently, you can protect your packages with double the insurance amount. That’s a win/win situation if we’ve ever seen one!

Looking for the right shipping software for you?

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