Founded in 2014, Pakible is a custom packaging company based in San Francisco. They offer several custom branded packaging products for businesses of all sizes, such as boxes, poly bags, shippers, and mailers. Pakible also creates custom inserts that you can place in your subscription boxes to reduce total weight and keep your items secure during transit.


If your E-commerce business is looking for custom packaging, Pakible may be your solution. In our opinion, they are the ideal custom packaging company for millennials. They claim that they “make it insanely easy to create custom branded packaging,” and they’re not wrong. It’s incredibly easy to navigate their website and browse through all their products. In addition, their customization process is arguably the most user-friendly one we’ve come across. Pakible also boasts several high-profile clients, such as Uber, Twitter, Reddit, and Samsung.

Feature Overview:

  • Design and create custom corrugated boxes, poly bags, gift cartons, shippers and mailers
  • Create custom inserts
    • On top of reinforcing your brand, these inserts reduce total package weight and keep items secure inside your box
  • Custom design prototypes and samples are delivered to you for free
  • Browse more features


  • Intuitive and simple design interface
  • Create USPS-approved custom branded sleeves that you can place over Priority Mail flat rate boxes
  • Competitive rates from a variety of manufacturers and suppliers
    • Their “Pricing Engine” sources from over 400 manufacturers and suppliers to give you at least 3 competitive bids for your packaging
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  1. Trent A.

    Easiest way to design packages and get them shipped directly to you. Gets a bit costly if you’re ordering a lot but you get what you pay for. 5 stars!

  2. Beau L.

    Pakible was recommended to me by a friend and I was blown away by the results. Boxes are sturdy and eye-popping. They really care about getting it right and will work with you to deliver any solution you need. Customer for life!

  3. Craig

    designing your own boxes has never been easier

  4. Chelsea

    LOVE THESE GUYS! Needed a box for my cosmetics startup and they were awesome!! Sent me a prototype FOR FREE as soon as I designed it online. It turned out a bit different than I originally wanted but they were super cool about making the changes and getting it right at no extra cost! 10/10 would recommend


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