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ShippingEasy is cloud-based shipping software that charges a monthly fee. With over 60 eCommerce integrations, this software platform allows users to easily manage orders across multiple sales channels to quickly process and print shipping labels.


Whether you’re an E-commerce business owner or an online merchandise retailer, ShippingEasy provides postage for a wide selection of carriers. ShippingEasy boasts features such as inventory management and automated label printing. In addition, they advertise some of the lowest shipping rates available, but on top of monthly fees, their label prices may also include markups.

Feature Overview:

ShippingEasy has a wide variety of features for E-commerce retailers.

  • Connect your UPS or FedEx account directly to the platform
  • Automate your tracking and customer notifications
  • Easily import and manage your orders with the ability to filter, sort, and combine orders
  • Print and process labels in batches
  • Browse more features


  • Free for up to 50 shipments per month
  • Manage your inventory directly on the platform
  • 30-day free trial
  • Wide variety of training options are available, such as documents and live online webinars
  • 24/7 live chat support and phone support during regular business hours (starting with their “Standard” subscription)

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  1. Chris siemssen

    ordered some shooter lube and per shooter lube shipping easy had a software glitch and a number of orders were lost. I didn’t know I needed to screen shot my order number because an order confirmation was not sent out. The only proof of purchase I have is on my bank account. If this is not corrected quickly I will be disputing the charge via my bank. I would strongly discourage using these companies. My experience is they are not equipped to handle e-commerce. What company does not provide order confirmation notification?

  2. Reem

    Can’t add fund. Hold my money. Can’t purchase shipping label. 2 weeks no reply from support

  3. Alexander

    I had a very frustrating experience with ShippingEasy, this shipping software may work for some people. But customer service is not that good. I had trouble connecting my store and they couldn’t even identify the problem. They basically gave up and didn’t even know what they were doing. I then tried called them multiple times and emailing them throughout the week and they didn’t even respond. Customer service is terrible.

  4. Mike Markov

    I wish I could give more than 5 stars because it is warranted. I have a small business selling CDs and it was getting to be a headache to go to the post office everyday and getting inflated prices for shipping. Enter Shippingeasy and their easy to use online software for labels etc. Throw in Lauren who has been so super helpful and pleasant to work with and I am one happy small businessman. I cannot say enough nice things about my dealings with this company.

  5. Linea

    I signed up for their service as an add-on to my Big Commerce vintage clothing store. Never worked properly & I had to open & fund two separate accounts, which were a pain to get refunded when I closed it late 2017 and moved everything to Etsy.

  6. John P.

    Like others have said, Shipping Easy is NOT user friendly. I tried connecting my ecommerce store but it keeps disconnecting and unexplained orders would import that were not my orders! I DO NOT recommend shipping easy.

  7. Robert

    I save so much time with shipping easy. We used to have to go to the USPS website and print labels directly from there, which took hours! Now we can print hundreds of labels in minutes. It really is easy. Would just like to see more of a streamlined process for entering information on multiple packages, I’m not sure if that’s even possible though.

  8. Matthew

    Would absolutely recommend ShippingEasy! The best part about their service is that you can set up infinite stores and still have the ability to reach out to all your customers. All the order and inventory data is right there on the dashboard! super intuitive and easy to use. Allows us to streamline shipping and save so much time on printing labels. Don’t know how we ever did it without them in the past!

  9. Kathleen

    The full list of features shipping easy offers is extensive, but shipping easy is not easy to learn – it’s burdensome and difficult to navigate.


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