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Pirate Ship is the only shipping software that gives small businesses access to the cheapest shipping rates with no hidden markup or monthly fees. Ideal for online sellers and small businesses of all sizes, with a simple interface that lets you easily ship your ecommerce orders to quickly buy and print labels. Try their USPS rates calculator for a quick postage quote.

Pirate Ship Shipping Platform
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Launched in 2014, Pirate Ship has quickly grown to become one of the most popular shipping software options because of their commitment to helping small businesses reduce their shipping costs. Pirate Ship was created by people who know what it’s like to run an ecommerce business, which explains why thousands of businesses find Pirate Ship intuitive and easy to use. Whether you need to buy shipping labels for large amounts of packages at one time or just a handful of ecommerce orders, Pirate Ship could be the dream shipping solution you’re looking for.

Feature Overview:

Pirate Ship offers a wide range of features for the modern shipper:

  • Quickly turn addresses into shipping labels:
  • Built-in postage rate shopping to maximize savings
  • Automatic address validation & correction
  • Saved package presets and address auto-complete
  • Create USPS End-of-Day SCAN forms
  • Customizable shipping notifications (schedule a specific date and time)
  • Easy international shipping & customs forms
  • Browse more shipping features


  • 24/7 highly responsive email and chat support staffed by shipping experts
  • No monthly costs, hidden fees, or markup – the price you see is the price you pay
  • No credit card or transaction fees
  • Passthrough rates on USPS Commercial Pricing (saves up to 89% off retail prices)
  • It’s easy to get started, define presets, ship from addresses and account settings
  • Wide range of ecommerce integration options

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  1. Matt

    I’ve used a number of shipping services but have never experienced a more simple and cost-effective option than Pirate Ship! I highly recommend trying it out, you won’t regret it.

    • Dot

      My niece sent out a package may 4th and i still never got it.and my sister in law sent us a package regular mail from alabama and i received it in a couple of days.my niece lives an hour away whats the deal

  2. Liane

    Was a little apprehensive about using ANY shipping platform, including the USPS when I started my small home based business. Found Pirate Ship on a FB page, started using it and haven’t looked back since. Very easy to get started and very easy to navigate the site. I now look forward to shipping day! Thank you Pirate Ship…you guys are awesome!

  3. Pattrick

    Awesome customer service!

  4. Larry

    Thanks to this great service I am now able to utilize Priority Mail Cubic pricing, which I was not able to before since I don’t ship 50,000 packages a year (yet). In the 3 weeks since we have been using Pirate Ship, we have saved over $400 over Priority Mail Flat Rate pricing! And we are able to utilize SCAN forms and schedule the pickup, all in one location.

  5. Erin

    Easy to use, great for small business, happy shipping!

  6. Matthew

    I have a small store through Ebay and my least liked aspect of the job was always shipping. Pirate Ship lets me import all my ready-to-ship addresses from Ebay, get quotes on postage, then creates my shipping labels for me to print. Now i print all my labels at once and The Good Pirates send tracking info automatically to my customers. BOOM go the cannons!!!
    I cannot be more pleased!

  7. Kris Irving

    I could just kick myself for not discovering Pirate Ship sooner. I am so appreciative of no monthly service fees and CHEAPER Priority shipping. What’s not to love!! Plus, the customer service is amazing. Great job guys! Keep up the great work and thank you!

  8. Devion Falconer

    Simple, easy to use software. Makes shipping so quick an convenient, not to mention very affordable!

  9. Sarah b

    I recently discovered pirate ship and man was it a game changer! Before we were simply using usps boxes and just going into the local office to ship. Pirate ship has not only tips on how to save money while shipping but general shipping info. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee which is ideal for a small business just stating! We saved $2-3 on each label once we started using their services! Def won’t go back.

  10. Bo

    This is a great solution for small amounts of postage as well as entire shipping manifests (30-50) at a time from my angle, just a great site and exceptionally intuitive for sure.

    • Dot

      My niece sent out a package may 4th and i still never got it.and my sister in law sent us a package regular mail from alabama and i received it in a couple of days.my niece lives an hour away whats the deal

  11. Tannith

    As a small business owner this is exactly what I was looking for. I am happy knowing I am getting the best shipping rate without having to drag all my packages up to the post office and wait in line!

  12. Binbin

    Pirate ship is a game changer! Easy, fast, convenient, AND IT’S FREE! I ran into the website and thought this was too good to be true, and I searched around every corner of it to find the “prices”, until I realize Oh, this IS indeed free. Not just that, these guys make it very user friendly. The customer service is real person. I would recommend this to all my small business owner friends who ship stuff at all.

  13. Nash

    Such an awesome service. It’s a time saver, and a money saver! Love it.

  14. Lexi

    I love Pirate Ship. It was super easy to use and the analytics are great. All of the thumbs up for this one.

  15. Tori

    Reasonable prices, extremely user friendly, and saving me the intense headache of long self service lines. You’re a lifesaver! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Ebony

    I love this service!! It’s very user friendly! I moved from USPS to this system!!

    I love that I can copy and paste my addresses in a box and it places the information in for me.

    I also love that I can upload a spreadsheet of addresses to create multiple labels at one time.

    You can see you reports, and usual easily!

    This system literally saved me hours of post office runs and time in my office.

  17. Erica V

    Thank goodness for this service. Our business ships a lot of Priority Mail from East Coast to West Coast (mostly in irregular sizes that don’t qualify for flat rate). Costs a ton. PirateShip.com uses a cubic formula that gives us a volumetric discount that we didn’t even know existed. With shipping costs only going up, every little bit of savings helps! Plus, the platform is super-easy to use, and the printed labels look nice and professional (with no conspicuous branding).

  18. Angela

    All I can say is WOW! Finally a shipping company that you can actually ship without feeling like you are going down the rabbit hole. Real people, affordable prices and an easy to navigate website.
    So get on board and join the crew, nothing but smooth seas ahead

  19. Bob Baxter

    Love thee Pirate Ship! ARRRGGG! Prices always beat thee ole eBay shipping!

  20. Mark

    I love Pirate Ship, it’s really easy to use and saves me money over my old click and ship account. It also keeps a history for you that’s easy to access.

  21. Cecily Gillespie

    Pirate Ship is working very well to save me money and provide more information at the click of an icon than other shipping programs I have used. It is easy to use and its integration with Etsy is seamless. I belong to an Etsy team and the comments about Pirate Ship on our Facebook page are all very positive and many of our members are signing up for it.

  22. The Closet Potter Shop

    On my first shipment I paid $9 less than usual. I am very pleased. The software is very simple and it connected to my Etsy account. It couldn’t be easier. I’m sold!

  23. Heaven Martinez

    Pirate ship is by far the most affordable way to send packages. It’s free to use, easy to sign up and you know you are getting the best price. I’ve never used a online service where they reply to your emails so quickly. I highly recommend them for your shipping needs and I encourage you try it. You’ll be happy you did!

  24. Kevin

    Absolutely can’t do e-commerce without this site! Even shipping for personal packages save money! I have saved butt loads of booty 😉 from using PirateShip! They listen to the users and make updates that add value and create efficiencies. And it’s FREE for an account!

  25. Dj

    All those other shipping sites can walk the plank and take a shove into the ocean of defeat. Pirate ship is the Captain of all your shipping needs! I spent way too much through stamps.com and would have rather supported a great site like this this past year instead. If you are selling a lot of e-commerce, don’t hesitate to sign up. It’s terribly easy to use.

  26. Sadao Sasaki

    I have been using Pirate Ship for a week and I find it very useful. I saved money on shipping for both Amazon and e-commerce site.

  27. Durstin

    Great service! These folks respond fast. Commercial USPS pricing is a plus, CUBIC USPS pricing is a GIFT, and their International Simple Rate is a MONEY MAKER. Using a rewards credit card to purchase postage a nice plus. I’m not that big of an eBay seller, but I am pretty sure I will save over a $1000 this year using Pirate Ship. And when they add Amazon… YES!!!!

  28. Anna Jakubczak

    Best shipping service Ive ever uses for my small business needs. NO FEES!! SUPER EASY to use!! And they provide a live support chat that can help with any issues may have quicker than sending an email and waiting days for a reply!! I RECOMMEND this service to ALL small business!! You will not be disappointed!!

  29. Barbara Rae

    Hey, Captain ~
    Just a quick note of appreciation for your services.
    I’m a senior, and not very techy – so it takes me awhile to get used to any new thing..
    But, I really do love your service so far, and you customer service is good too.
    Not only do I see that I’m saving a bit of money, but…
    ** The Pirate Theme is a real kick! “Aarrr!” ~ LOL 🙂
    Love it !
    Thanks for the great service and…. “for saving my ‘gold’! ”
    Barbara Rae ~

  30. Dawn Crook

    Pirate Ship is SO EASY to use! The reports are extremely helpful for record keeping in my small business! Thank you!!

  31. Pat

    Just beginning to get my feet wet using Pirate Ship, but I love it. With all the instructions available, as well as Chat Help from the Pirate Ship team, I was able to get everything going (including my temperamental thermal printer) with no problems. And, of course, I love the discounted pricing. Just the CUBIC pricing makes Pirate Ship a no-brainer. The great service and support is just a BIG BONUS.

  32. Angelina Helms

    As a small at home business, I am always sending things out. Now I can avoid the post office and still get the job done saving me tons of time and money too because they offer great rates! I tell all my DS business friends there is no other option! And in my company, the majority use and highly recommend Pirate Ship!

  33. Arlene Lewis

    Pirate Ship is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me! I started a business back in May of last year and was just told about Pirate Ship! I will never use any other mailing platform again! Pirate Ship is the BEST!!

  34. Chad Speer

    Coming across Pirate Ship was a very pleasant surprise when I went looking for a USPS shipping solution for my small business. I don’t know how they make their money, but it doesn’t appear to come out of my pocket. Their website is very user friendly, and actually enjoyable to navigate. Two big thumbs up from me!

  35. Trish Marsh

    Amazing!! So far so good. Super easy, reliable and cheaper!!

  36. Kim Viehmann

    I LOVE PIRATE SHIP!! I sell $5 Paparazzi jewelry and am able to ship from home now. It is so user friendly and convenient!

  37. Janet

    Love it!! So user friendly with lots of options!! Takes out a lot of the guess work in shipping costs!! Highly recommend them!!

  38. Debbie Porch

    I’m kicking myself for not discovering Pirate Ship sooner. I’ve been using it for a couple months now and it is much easier to use than what I had used in the past PLUS saving my small business money with the cubic pricing and no add-on fees. Thank you Pirate Ship!

  39. Whitney Owen

    Absolutely amazing and very convenient! I recommend this to all my papa sisters. It makes owning a business easier!

  40. Johh M

    Excellent app! Great service and i am saving quite a bit of money using this app. Its easy to use and very user friendly. Love all the options and sorting features. Will continue to use this app!

  41. Lisa Hicks

    Most user friendly shipping ever. I love Pirate Ship!!

  42. Kristin

    We have been using Pirate Ship for the last month and it has saved us hundreds of dollars already and helped streamline our business. The user interface is so intuitive and well-designed and the customer service is top notch. I wish we would have discovered it sooner!

  43. Amy

    This is a great service. We were using UPS before, we saved more half the cost on some packages. They let us test out the system before we signed up and were great to work with. Would definitely recommend this to other small businesses!

  44. Geoffrey Frost

    I’ve been using another services and simply checked Pirate Ship out for pricing comparison. While it is great that they are a little lower, it is the ability to copy a whole address in and they parse it for me, and the button next to the tracking number that copies it to the clipboard that have me sold. Those little touches that make it even easier to ship.

  45. Brandon Bennett

    I just signed up with Pirate Ship today, and I saved 20%+ on my very first shipment compared to eBay’s “discounted” rate.
    Give Pirate Ship a try. The support team is very responsive and helpful.

  46. Gina

    Excellent service! Lowest cost out there and so easy to use! Love it!

  47. Create Your Own Today wirh Pam

    Just started using Pirate Ship for my direct sales business!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the convenience and prices!! I’m definitely ‘hooked’!!

  48. B en

    I’ve been shipping things as a side gig for 20 years so I’m not new to shipping. I’m new to Pirate Ship. I had some questions and they answered me in 2 minutes! I saved a bunch of money today buying my labels! WOW! Love these guys!!

  49. Sandra

    Very pleased with this shipping service. Easy to use and the discount is very helpful to small business. Help is available with quick response.

  50. Noel Pena

    I discovered these guys just recently. I regret not finding them sooner. I could have saved so much money in the past, good thing is that I am saving money now!! Super easy to use, they sync up easily with many selling platforms. I highly recommend using these guys, they ROCK!!!

  51. Nanci

    For a small business that ihas growing shipping needs Pirateship is easy to navigate, offers step by step instructions and also very responsive. Based on their recommendations we are also able to make intelligent shipping decisions regarding printers and labels .

  52. Mia

    The secret’s out. I found gold on Pirate Ship! Awesome software, company; I saved money on shipping costs. I did price comparison to other shipping services and saved an average of 38% on shipping the same item in the same box using Pirate Ship to the same address. No exaggeration.

  53. Rachel

    I was nervous about starting my small business knowing that I would have to ship some items. Every time I go to the post office I felt I was paying more than what was necessary for my needs. THIS. HAS. BEEN. AMAZING!!! It’s simple to use and you know exactly what services are available and the costs are upfront and there are no additional fees! Thank you!!!

  54. Kayla

    I just started using pirate ship and I have to say this is not only easier than pay pal or post office, it is more resourceful. I can easily email my clients when I print the lable so not only do they know to get ready to expect their package bit tracking is right there as well for them. I love it so much

  55. Jack

    Pirate Ship is the best bang for the buck. I’ve used it two or three times already to ship first class packages. Site is easy to navigate and saves money. Thanks.

  56. Laura

    I started using pirate ship at the beginning of 2019 and have nothing but great things to say about it. Wish I had known about it sooner. It’s easy to sign up, easy to use, and I love that it automatically shows me the cheapest method. The discounts can’t be beat. And as a bonus, it gives much better reports than other methods.

  57. SueAnne

    Great shipping service … easy to use, and it integrates flawlessly with ebay and etsy. Best of all, it saves on shipping costs! Highly recommend.

  58. Sarah

    Such a great site, and so easy to use!

  59. Lynae

    Fab fab fab! Easy to use, and I love no monthly fee! Other companies just want your money, and I just want to ship! Thanks for making my small business so much easier!

  60. Nicole Pierskalla

    Great program, saves me trips to.the post office for postage for small items that I ship! All.pkgs are tracked! Great prompt service!! No fee to use it!!

  61. Barry Hanson

    I’ve only been aboard now for a few weeks but things are going well. We are saving $ with shipping costs, the site is easy to use and, most importantly, help is readily available.

  62. Melissa

    I have used other shipping software services and out of all that I have used I would highly recommend Pirate Ship. It’s Super Easy to navigate to create your shipping label or even just to check your cost to ship. I love Pirate Ship ! Stop Arrrrguing at the Screen with others and try Pirate Ship today. You will wish you had used it sooner like I did. Thanks Pirate Ship!!

  63. Marty

    Nobody beats their international package prices!

  64. Garrett Wiseman

    Pirate Ship labels came out to be the same as eBay labels cost, But Pirate Ship just gets it right. THE LABELS PRINT OUT LANDSCAPE AND TABBED OVER!!! THEY ARE GODS! You can paste your address your shipping to and it fills it in the right boxes. It updates your tracking number. I used Stamps.com before. overpriced and wasn’t as easy to use as Pirate Ship. Try th em what do you got to lose?

  65. Alex Gawler

    Cheap, convenient, offers options to ensure and sig confirmation. Very easy to calculate the cost of shipping. As an e-commerce seller, I love these features. Bless y’all!

  66. Shelley

    I highly recommend Pirate Ship for all of your online shipping services. I have used their services for my website and found it to be the most effective, easy as heck to use and I will be shipping via Pirate Ship from now on. Be assured you will be very happy!

  67. colleen clark

    How did I not know about Pirate Ship before today!? Thank goodness for this service. It has already saved me money. There is no question this is my favorite company and I will be a loyal customer!

  68. Paula J Ries

    Have been using this since I heard about it from another seller. I will often find it cheaper than Etsy and eBay. The first class shipping seems to be the same on both. Nice integration with both platforms too. I still prefer to go directly through the usps website for a pick up though but it still is a nice service to use. Would definitely recommend it.

  69. Ang

    I used pirate ship for the first time on a first class small package. I shipped it out on a Saturday morning and it was scanned by the usps. For some reason it stayed in my city for 3 days. It got shipped out Wednesday and delivered Friday

  70. Lisa

    I love Pirate Ship! It’s been super easy to use and I love that I can get discounted shipping as well as save time by not having to stand in line at the post office. Their customer service is first class and gold standard! They are not pesky and check in just enough to make sure all is well. Thank you, Pirate Ship!!!!

  71. Christina

    I started using Pirate Ship because Shipstation was starting to be way too expensive for what they were offering us. Pirate ship is perfect and I use it in all of the exact same ways I had been for a paid service. I tell everyone Pirate Ship now.

  72. Vee Vanover

    3 times using this and all my packages have either been very slow in reaching their destination or re-routed.

  73. Adam

    For years we used Endicia and Stamps.com for Priority Mail and First Class shipping. The experience was never a good one. Their web based tools, as well as locally installed software was clunky, at best; there was always some issue. The tech support was deplorable; endless waiting on hold, to ultimately talk with someone that was clueless.

    I don’t recall how I learned about Pirate Ship. I figured, “what the heck – certainly can’t be any worse than that what were were paying a monthly fee for, and this one’s free. There must be some hidden catch.”

    It’s been over a year now, and I must declare that the Pirate Ship user experience is nothing short of +stellar+. Shipping couldn’t be easier. Super intuitive screens, zero issues printing from a Mac or Windows. And — the prices! The discounts offered are certainly a big plus, but all things being equal, this is a service that is actually worth paying extra for. I can’t imagine how the +other guys+ can stay in business.


  74. Chad Fowler

    Wow , I realized extra profit on day one by using pirate Ship. thank You !

  75. Mary

    It is a joy to find a site which helps those who need to get the best rate possible. And then to find a site that is simple for someone like me who does not understand allot about “computer programs” is the best of both worlds. How nice it is to have a site I can use and not have to call someone for help to understand ! Thanks so much for this service!!

  76. Kimberly

    I’ve never used a shipping software before and I care across it while doing research to start my business. All I can say is that it’s very easy to use and cost effective. I highly recommend to new users!

  77. Angelia D. Muller

    I was using another shipping program before someone in one of my forums told me about Pirateship. I am so glad I checked it out! The format is easy to understand and it is much easier to use than the other program I was using before. I love that it easily connected right to my sale site and imported my information for my label. I am only a new customer to Pirateship, but so far what I’ve experienced warranted me to take the time out to write this review!

  78. Mark Wilcox

    I’m a former Endicia user who switched to Pirate Ship and have never looked back. Pirate Ship’s interface is simple perfection, and the dose of pirate fun makes it a lot more enjoyable to ship.

    You’ll get the same low prices as a volume shipper like eBay, but can schedule home pickups from your regular postal carrier so you can save tons of time when you have things to ship out. No lines at the post office. No driving to the post office. Just schedule a pickup and be done whenever you have things to send and be done with it.

    Great service with no monthly fees!

    • Mara A

      I’m so happy I found out about Pirate Ship. Never have to wait in line at the post office ever again. And the prices offered are unbeatable! Providing cheaper shipping options for customers also helps with sales. Thank you Pirate Ship!!

  79. Andrew R

    My wife absolutly adores Pirate Ship and she’s very picky so that says a lot. She has been using it for her small clothing/nail shop and every order has been a breeze. She recommended that I get with Pirate Ship too for my CBD e-commerce store, we have not launched yet but I can not wait to start using this system and it integrates right into my WooCommerce store. Once I have started shipping I will update review.

  80. Poppy

    Does anyone track how quickly PirateShip packages get to the recipient? I ordered something on 6/1, which was shipped from NC on 6/3 — that part was fine. But it is 6/17 (a full two weeks later) and the scheduled delivery day to me in Maine is today. That’s unacceptable. And I have been trying to follow its progress online, but PirateShip packages apparently have no detailed tracking. Very frustrating process.

  81. Sarah Forde

    Came to PirateShip after PayPal shipping locked me out due to a USPS claim for insufficient shipping. Honestly might not go back? Once I got the hang of it, I found PirateShip to be way faster with auto suggested addresses, way simplified/easy to understand customs info on international stuff, not to mention STATS which are just like… neat?

    Also all my FROM info is now my business name whereas on PP it defaults to my personal name which is eeeeehhhhh not my fav.

    Handy tool, does the job, def some perks over PP shipping and the rates are the same (though I think insurance through PS might be a little less expensive? Still need to do some tests on that).


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