What is USPS Commercial Pricing?

Learn about Commercial Pricing (hint: it's the same as Commercial Plus Pricing, just with a different name)
Commercial Pricing
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USPS recently announced that it will raise postage prices on January 27th, 2019. That’s not the only change they are instituting, though. First Class Package will change to zone-based pricing, and the discount tier Commercial Base Pricing will no longer exist. Lastly, Commercial Plus Pricing will be renamed to Commercial Pricing.

The Commercial Pricing Name Change: What It Means

Here’s the answer: virtually nothing. The new name still represents the EXACT same level of discounts on USPS postage as before. You’ll still probably see “Commercial Plus Pricing” being thrown around on a lot of postage-related websites. Don’t freak out or let it confuse you, though. Just remember that both names signify the same level of discounts on USPS postage. Tomato, to-mah-toe, if you will.

Why is USPS Changing the Name?

There’s a method to the madness. Prior to 2019, USPS offered a smaller level of discounts called Commercial Base Pricing. This was the “middle of the road” discount tier that most traditional shipping software solutions out there advertise. However, USPS figured it would be easier if they got rid of this tier altogether. To speak frankly, we tend to agree (it wasn’t really that much of a discount, anyway). With this new change, the different USPS pricing tiers will be simple: Retail and Commercial. Just remember: there’s never any reason for you to pay full price for postage.

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