The Cheapest Way to Ship Free Weights & Dumbbells

Learn how to save the most money on sending free weights and when to use USPS versus UPS for the most affordable service
the cheapest way to ship free weights and dumbbells
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Major shipping carriers such as USPS and UPS handle packages containing all kinds of products…and believe it or not, free weights are a relatively popular item that people ship. Weights and dumbbells are unique to ship in the sense that you’ll know exactly how much your package is going to weigh based on the weight marked on your dumbbell. In that sense, they’re pretty easy! That said, free weights can end up on the heavy side, with some of them weighing as much as 75 pounds…and as such, they’re quite expensive to send. No matter whether you’re sending a pair of dumbbells or heavy free weights, this article is all about the cheapest way to ship weights and how to save the most money doing it. Let’s get pumping!

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UPS Ground is Often the Cheapest Way to Ship Heavy Free Weights & Dumbbells

For heavy free weights such as dumbbells over thirty (30) pounds, the cheapest service available will typically be UPS Ground. Out of all the services offered by all the major carriers in the U.S., UPS Ground is mostly always the most affordable service for heavier packages (such as boxes weighing more than 20 pounds). In general, UPS always provides better rates than USPS for heavy packages. UPS offers a higher maximum weight threshold per box, as well; while the Postal Service caps a package’s weight at 70 pounds, UPS allows you to send up to 150 pounds in a single package.

On top of being the most affordable option for heavy packages, UPS Ground is also a fairly efficient service, with a delivery timeframe of 1-5 business days. However, depending on how far a UPS Ground package needs to travel, it can even be delivered overnight! Each label also comes with $100 of UPS carrier liability to provide some level of protection in the case of a lost or damaged shipment.

USPS Ground Advantage May be the Cheapest Service for Shipping Lighter Weights

While UPS provides better rates for heavier shipments, USPS offers more affordable rates for lighter handheld shipments under 20 pounds. When shipping with the Postal Service, USPS Ground Advantage will be the most affordable service.

USPS Ground Advantage is the Postal Service’s ground-exclusive shipping service and is therefore the cheapest service that the Postal Service offers. However, it is also one of the slowest; delivery timeframes can take anywhere between 2-7 business days, compared to the 1-5 business days that you’ll get with UPS Ground.

Priority Mail is a faster USPS service, with delivery occurring between 1-3 business days. However, Priority Mail is always more expensive than USPS Ground Advantage. Since free weights and dumbbells typically don’t require time-sensitive or expedited delivery, shippers most often prioritize saving money on these types of packages…and with USPS, Ground Advantage will always be the best bet to accomplish that goal.

Consider Heavy Duty Packing Material Such as Rags or Towels

When packing boxes, it’s common for shippers to protect their items and fill the space inside of packages with different types of packing material. Some common types of packing material are bubble wrap, air pillows, crinkle paper, and styrofoam sheets. However, all of these examples aren’t adequate when dealing with dense weights that will crush them during transit. If you want to keep your free weights from moving around too much inside of your box, you’ll be better off using heavy-duty packing material that you typically wouldn’t include inside of a box of consumer products.

Smaller hand towels and rags make the perfect packing material for shipments containing free weights and dumbbells, and also won’t add too much weight to your box. If you don’t have these on hand, you can also consider adding an old T-shirt…but if you’re operating an eCommerce business and you’re sending free weights to a customer who ordered them, an old T-shirt may not give the best impression. Whatever kind of packing material you use, make sure it’s durable and will be able to keep the weights from moving around inside your box without also getting crushed in the process!

Pro Tip: You’ll also want to use the sturdiest corrugated cardboard box you can find, and add several layers of packing tape to ensure that the weights don’t break through the packaging at any point during transit. To find brand-new corrugated cardboard boxes of all sizes, browse the ULINE website.

Save the Most Money on USPS & UPS Labels With Online Shipping Software

No matter whether you ship with USPS or UPS, you shouldn’t purchase your labels in person at your local Post Office or UPS Store. Instead, use free online shipping software to purchase shipping labels at the deepest discounts possible!

When you use shipping software, you gain access to special levels of discounts that the major shipping carriers typically only reserve for huge shippers who send more than 50,000 packages per year. The Postal Service designates its discounted pricing tier as Commercial Pricing, and UPS also enters into agreements with shipping software companies to offer their labels at highly affordable rates. In some cases, taking advantage of these discounts can save you up to 89% off of what you’d pay to ship the same package at your local Post Office or UPS Store.

On top of the money savings, shipping software also allows you to save another important resource: time. You can purchase and print your shipping labels right from your own home or office, and you can even schedule a pickup for your local USPS or UPS carriers to come collect your package(s). With all of these added benefits, you’ll never have to wait in line at the Post Office or UPS Store again!

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