The Fastest Way to Ship with Each Major Carrier

Learn the fastest shipping services each of the three major carriers provides
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Forget to send your mom her annual birthday present this year? Fallen behind a deadline at work and need to send your project out ASAP? That’s ok! Sometimes you need a package delivered in a pinch. If that’s the case, you’ll need to find the fastest way to ship it out. Each of the three major shipping carriers offer expedited shipping services…but you’ll save the most money with one of them.


If you’re looking for the right USPS mail class in this situation, Priority Mail Express is the fastest way to ship with USPS. In addition, Priority Mail Express will always be your cheapest option for overnight delivery! USPS Priority Mail Express guarantees overnight delivery to most US addresses and PO Boxes, 7 days a week. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this service is only overnight to and from urban areas. It takes 2 days when sending a parcel to or from a rural area.

Use Shipping Software to Make Priority Mail Express Even Cheaper

Did you know that you can buy discounted USPS postage with shipping software? This makes Priority Mail Express even cheaper, since most shipping software lets you access special levels of USPS discounts. Also, when you buy USPS postage through shipping software, Priority Mail Express automatically comes with $100 of shipping insurance!


FedEx’s fastest service is Priority Overnight Shipping. When you use this particular service, your package will arrive at its destination by 10:30 am. FedEx’s Standard Overnight is a slightly cheaper service, and packages arrive by 3 pm to most businesses and 8 pm to most residences. However, both services cost much more than USPS Priority Mail Express.

If you’re really in a bind to get your package delivered ASAP, FedEx also offer Next-Flight Emergency Delivery. However, you should be prepared to pay money for this particular service…a LOT of money.


UPS offers Next Day Early Delivery, which will see your package arriving at its destination by 10:30 am the next business day. This is the best option if you need your parcel delivered at the beginning of the next business day, as its cheaper than FedEx’s Priority Overnight service. Packages sent UPS Next Day Air typically arrive by 3 pm. However, these services are still more expensive than shipping USPS Priority Mail Express.


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  1. Emily Dale

    How much is Ups next day or even a cheaper two day shipping from New York to Glasgow Kentucky ?

    • Rockwell Sands

      Hi Emily, it all depends on how much your package weighs and how big it is. You can get a free quote for your UPS Next Day Air shipment here, if you like. Just type in all your package info and you’ll be able to receive a quote.


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