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Featuring a marketplace and a custom website designer, Cratejoy is an “all-in-one” platform that allows users to launch and grow subscription businesses.


What can we say? Cratejoy is the king of subscription box commerce. Their web-based software makes it easy for entrepreneurs to launch their own subscription boxes in no time. Users can design their own boxes on the platform and even create and design their own custom websites (with separate domain names). In addition, subscription owners can also plug their boxes into Cratejoy’s marketplace, instantly advertising their box to over millions of monthly customers. Cratejoy also features numerous shipping software integrations with companies such as Pirate Ship. As a result, users can access the deepest USPS discounts possible and save a ton of money on shipping costs. If you’re serious about running a subscription box business, you should be on this site.

Feature Overview:

  • Run your whole subscription business from one simple dashboard
    • Dashboard includes features such as order processing, CRM, inventory management and more
  • Create and design your own custom website for your subscription box
  • Accept all credit cards via Stripe, PayPal, and
    • Cratejoy has built-in payment options for customers to subscribe to your box
  • Integrate with shipping software solutions
  • Browse more features


  • Free 14 day trial
  • One monthly fee of $39/month (plus transaction fees)
  • Large selection of templates to build a website from
  • Email support and Resource Center available on their website
    • Users need to create an account to access live chat support
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  1. Caesar

    Low cost for the best service. It’s all you really need to start up your subscription business: build your store/website, advertise to the marketplace, CRM, inventory management. Plus it automatically integrates with Pirate Ship so you save money on shipping labels right away

  2. Julie S.

    I love how I can basically run my entire subscription business from the dashboard! Except for social media of course

  3. Shane

    If you want to run a successful subscription model, you need to be a part of this platform.


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