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Founded in 1998 by a group of five men including Peter Thiel and Elon Musk, PayPal is the world’s leading online payment system with over 200 million customers and $13 billion in yearly revenue.


What is there to say? PayPal is one of the giants, and for good reason. In addition to allowing users to send or receive personal money, the company also allows small businesses to provide a swift and easy payment option at their online store checkout portal. You can even offer your customers credit to help drive more sales. Users can also print USPS and UPS shipping labels via PayPal’s shipping center. However, you’ll still find better USPS discounts if you buy postage online through shipping software. PayPal has seamlessly broken into the coveted Millennial space, acquiring the popular payment app Venmo in 2014. Whether they know it or not, literally everybody uses their service. Potential business customers should note that they take a small fee from each transaction. However, that’s simply the cost of doing business. Here’s the bottom line: you need to integrate PayPal into your online store if you’re serious about running an E-commerce storefront. It’s that simple.

Feature Overview:

  • Send or receive money from your computer or mobile device
  • Integrate with any online store or marketplace to provide PayPal at checkout
  • Business solutions such as invoicing, merchant services and more
  • Print USPS and UPS shipping labels at discounted rates
  • Browse more features


  • Sign up for free
    • They take a nominal fee from each transaction
  • Funds typically show up in business account within minutes after an order is placed
  • Customers can place orders with debit or credit cards even if they don’t have a PayPal account
  • Provide credit to your customers in order to drive more sales
  • Create an account to access phone and email support
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  1. Oliver

    Integrates into every marketplace as a way for you to accept payments. Any time a customer places an order we see the funds in our account pretty much right away, love it! I think it’s worth the nominal transaction fee

  2. Marie

    Had no idea you could buy discounted USPS shipping labels through PayPal until a friend told me to try it. Beats going to the post office!

  3. Jamarcus

    Tried sending money to a business overseas with PayPal and it took over a week for it to show up in their account. Thought that kind of stuff was supposed to be pretty instant


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