Based in Sandy Springs, Georgia, the United Parcel Service (UPS) is one of the world’s largest private mail and parcel carriers. They deliver several billion packages and documents per year! UPS is over 100 years old and its shipping network is enormous, boasting over 1,800 operating facilities, 1,200 daily flight segments, and over 119,000 vehicles in its delivery fleet. In fact, we’d be willing to bet you live pretty close to a UPS Store. On top of all this, they offer a wide variety of mail and shipping services, both within the United States and internationally.


As a general rule of thumb, UPS is the shipping carrier of choice for shipping large, heavy packages. Just take a look at their big brown trucks: they’re huge! These vehicles are designed and built for transporting bulky parcels safely. As a result, they offer some of the more competitive rates for sending packages that weigh up to 150 pounds. UPS also prides itself on being the premier carrier in overnight and rush delivery.


  • Competitive rates for shipping large, heavy packages up to 150 pounds
  • You can take advantage of postage discounts by using shipping software
  • Packing and shipping services are offered at every location
  • Schedule a pickup from your home or warehouse

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  1. Helder Pereira

    Website is useless. The information and reference links are in a loop. Information and referrals for help are inaccurate and false. Notifications are not in real time. Delivery is hit or miss. The staff at the warehouse are polite and cordial. They do not have a phone line or mobile contact. The numbers with which they contact you they do not answer. I have been on the receiving end of this company for well over 10 years and can attest that they have neither gotten better or worse. Good luck.

  2. David Wallace

    Useless-UPS Lisbon Portugal couldn’t even deliver to Porto in three days package got there after we left Porto / essential medicines now cannot deliver outside EU

    Useless Monkeys no care a four hour drive there but paid idiots 30€ and costs 200€ for doctors appointment and prescription medication- UPS ARE USELESS MONKEYS DO NOT EVER USE EVER

  3. Neil Dhawan

    The worst carrier.
    Piece of garbage.
    You can’t even talk to any body at customer service for delivery issues.
    I hope FedEx make them out of business

  4. C.M.S.

    Package never reached access location as instructed. Driver on more than one attempt went to the wrong address to drop the package off and customer service was of no help – the customer service rep gave conflicting and wrong information regarding package delivery. This was an important package needed to complete a job. I prefer Fedex or my own feet over UPS – at this point… the worst experience ever!!! I was even told I should have paid for another shipping option and since I use the cheap one (ground) the package will take time to arrive.. I paid for overnight shipping!!!!!!!! At this point if the package is being shipped by UPS I don’t want it!

  5. Christophe Goudy

    the biggest liars in the entire USA
    liars, liars, lairs, their client service, team and especially managers are the worst customer services people in the entire USA. They can read what you are able to see by yourselves in They are impossible to solve any issues at all…

  6. Anh Le

    The lady who drove the big UPS truck delivery today 05/25/2023 around 4:40pm in Round Rock zip code 78665 is a criminal. She stole my IPhone 14 pro max order and delivered an empty box which was opened without my signature. I can’t believe this is happening. So disappointed. Don’t you vet people before hiring them? I hope she is fired and not getting hired by anyone again. This is seriously upsetting and unacceptable.

  7. UPS Customer

    Horrible customer service.
    1. UPS is so bad at tracking: the accuracy of information from UPS tracking exposed to customer varies as they keep changing status updates with a variety of belies credulity delay reasons (weather, late flights, solemn aliens welcoming event etc). Often there are no changing delivery status at all. Stated to deliver today, but shows that package still in different country – pure nonsense!
    2. Customer service of this company is useless. UPS customer service staff don’t even understand their company’s delivery system, which causes them to often give wrong suggestions when there are problems with parcel delivery or promise the customer a delivery date that cannot be achieved.
    3. Stubborn, refuse to change delivery dates.
    Summarizing: UPS has bad managemet system and don’t care about customers. Not surprised anymore why UPS have 1 stars reviews. Simply avoid.
    Not recommending to friends and family members

  8. Premila Braganza

    Horrible experience! I shipped a 401 k rollover check through UPS. I realized they lost my check 10 days later. Tried following up for another couple of weeks. They told me the check was lost and I needed to file a claim. Meanwhile I had to cancel the check and ask my old 401 k provider to issue a new one. UPS made me run in circles between the store and their customer service to resolve the claim I filed. I visited the store at least 4 times. And called and emailed their customer service a couple of times each. 15 days after the check was reported as lost, UPS found and delivered the now cancelled check. Which created more issues for me with my new 401 k provider who deposited it and then had to revert the payment. I am still sorting out this issue. However, UPS at their end, very casually closed my claim with no resolution.
    They didnt even pay me pack the shipping charges they charged me for a package they lost. Let alone reimbursing me for the trips to their store and the trouble they put me through cancelling and re-issuing checks.

  9. Marcy

    Delivery sucks. Customer service even worse. They charge to get package rerouted then send package back to sender leaving yo with less money and no package.

  10. Hargis Miller jr

    UPS in Texas would NOT ship 9mm ammo (small arms ammo) as there web site says.i had it properly wrapped and they said NO! then change Google to make it correct!

  11. Dylan

    Reliable delivery service but MY GOD do they need to update their website

  12. Jane

    I always just go to the UPS store to ship my packages. Have never had a bad experience! Haven’t tried buying postage online yet but I live right down the street from a UPS store so it’s convenient


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