How to Intercept a UPS Package

Learn how to file an intercept request with UPS, how much it costs, and your different options for intercepting UPS packages
how to intercept a UPS package
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Similar to how you can intercept a shipment with USPS, UPS also allows shippers to intercept packages. By filing an intercept request, you can choose from different options such as having the package returned to you, having UPS deliver it to a new address, and more.

Create a UPS Account to Intercept a Package

If you need to intercept a package that you shipped with UPS, you must first create a UPS account online (or sign into your account, if you already have one). You’ll need to do this even if you went to a UPS Store to ship your package.

How Much Does Intercepting a UPS Package Cost?

According to the UPS rate sheet for extra services, intercepting a package costs $18.60 when you submit the request online through You can also call UPS to intercept a shipment, but when you submit a phone request, the price jumps to $25.90.

Where to File Your Intercept Request and Your Different Options for Next Steps

Once you create an account, you can request an intercept from the tracking detail page when you pull up your package’s tracking information. By following the prompts, you’ll be able to choose what you’d like to do with your package once UPS intercepts it.

Here are the four choices you have when intercepting a UPS package:

  • Return to Sender (this returns the shipment to the original shipper; it is available for all U.S. states and territories except Puerto Rico)
  • Deliver to Another Address (this option redirects the shipment to a new address)
  • Reschedule Delivery (UPS holds the shipment at a local UPS Store or hub for delivery on a future date)
  • Will Call (UPS holds the shipment at the local UPS Store, and the recipient is responsible for picking it up and providing proof that they are the recipient)

Note: You can only request an intercept if it’s still before the first delivery attempt.

If You Purchased Your UPS Label with Shipping Software, Contact Their Customer Support for Help Intercepting Your Package

Rather than buying postage directly with UPS, many individuals and businesses use shipping software to purchase discounted UPS labels. If you purchased the label for the package in question through an online shipping software provider, do not contact UPS directly to file your request. Instead, contact customer support for the shipping software company to help you submit the intercept request.

Most shipping software companies have specific agreements with UPS that require them to file intercept requests on your behalf. If you create a UPS account and try to file a request for a shipment whose postage was purchased through a third-party provider, it could delay the process.

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