Pegasus Fulfillment (now Selery Fulfillment)


Pegasus Fulfillment was a fulfillment center and logistics company based in Dallas, Texas. Recently, they were acquired by Selery Fulfillment. On top of providing clients with order fulfillment and inventory management, they also provided custom packaging solutions and marketing services.


Pegasus Fulfillment was a fine option if your business thought about outsourcing fulfillment. Clients benefitted from optimized worldwide shipping rates, as well as other features such as same-day order processing and reverse logistics (returns, etc.). Pegasus also created custom packaging and personalized inserts for eCommerce businesses like subscription boxes. In addition to their fulfillment services, Pegasus Fulfillment helped clients with online marketing campaigns for an extra service fee.

Feature Overview:

  • Standard fulfillment services such as order processing, inventory management and shipping
    • Clients benefit from CRM integration, discounted shipping rates, returns processing and more
  • Marketing services also provided like online advertising campaigns
  • Custom packaging available as well as personalized custom inserts
  • Browse more features


  • Same day order processing on all worldwide shipments
  • Pegasus used plastic free shipping materials such as water activated paper tape on all shipments
    • Environmentally friendly packaging also available
  • Was in a tax-free state for dietary supplements and nutraceuticals, so high volume shippers outside of Texas could receive large sales tax savings
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  1. John

    Not sure how Pegasus was but Selery has been a pretty awful experience. Extremely poor communication, unclear charges, and a lot of employee turnover.

  2. kehben

    It looks like Pegasus turned into or merged with another company called Selery Fulfillment. Any reviews of working with the new company are appreciated!

  3. Chris

    Great fulfillment partner that doesn’t break the bank. All our orders always end up on our customers’ doorsteps on time and in great condition. 5 stars!

  4. Cole H.

    I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Mike and the Pegasus team. If you need a cost effective ecommerce fulfillment solution that’s flexible and reliable give Pegasus Fulfillment a shot!


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