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You can put USPS packages in your mailbox as long as they fit and contain the right amount of postage, while UPS & FedEx won't pick up parcels from your mailbox. Read more about placing packages in your mailbox! Read More >
USPS offers same-day delivery for local shipments through the USPS Connect program. Learn how to access same-day delivery through USPS Connect! Read More >
The cheapest FedEx shipping option depends on the weight of your package, how far it needs to travel, and how soon you need it delivered. Learn more about FedEx options! Read More >
Since Memorial Day is one of 10 federal holidays in the United States, USPS does not deliver any mail or packages on that day, and Post Offices are closed. Read More >
Unlike other carriers, USPS does not own a fleet of planes and instead relies on domestic cargo flights to transport mail and packages across the country. Read More >

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