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When sending an iPad internationally, you'll want to be mindful of your destination country's restrictions on shipments with lithium-ion batteries. Learn the best process for packing and sending iPads overseas! Read More >
Did you know that USPS allows you to send live animals? Most people don’t know that you can animals like day-old live chicks with USPS, as well as live honeybees.. Read More >
The cost of shipping a bike is significant due to its irregular shape and bulky size, and you will often incur surcharges on top of the cost of postage. Read More >
If you want the most security for your mail and packages instead of having them delivered to your residence, renting out a PO box is a great option. Read more about how to get a PO box from USPS! Read More >
The Postal Regulatory Commission is the board that sets and administers rates for USPS products, including all mailing and shipping services. Learn more about the Postal Regulatory Commission! Read More >

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