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Bound Printed Matter (BPM) is a specially-discounted mailing service for sending items such as phonebooks and catalogs, and it requires a special permit from USPS to access. Read more about BPM and how to access it! Read More >
You should not attempt to send a passport in the mail, as First-Class Mail doesn't offer the type of tracking services you need for sending important documents. Learn how to properly send a passport! Read More >
The carrier who offers the best international shipping rates depends on the size and weight of your package, but you'll always save the most money when you buy postage through shipping software. Read more about getting the best international shipping rates! Read More >
While you can send some hazardous materials with USPS via ground transportation and the proper labeling, shipping chlorine through USPS is prohibited, based on the USPS Postal Explorer. Read More >
Accessing discounts through shipping software companies is the cheapest way to ship to Australia, and using special services for lightweight international shipments. Learn more about shipping to Australia! Read More >

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