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Unlike USPS, UPS and FedEx don't offer free packaging; shippers must pay for a service in order to use boxes and envelopes provided by FedEx and UPS. Learn more about packaging from UPS and FedEx! Read More >
You may be prompted to fill out customs forms when shipping to and from U.S. Territories depending on your package weight and which carrier you choose. Learn more about filling out customs forms for U.S. Territory shipments! Read More >
Since items like pruning shears and gardening forks aren't hazardous, carriers won't restrict you to certain services when you ship them. Read more about sending gardening tools! Read More >
The U.S. Postal Service allows you to ship coins, but you may need to follow certain rules and restrictions. Learn more about sending coins! Read More >
In terms of keeping costs down and tracking your shipment, it often makes more sense to ship one large box of multiple items versus sending several smaller packages to a single recipient. Read more about how to save money on these shipments! Read More >

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