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In terms of keeping costs down and tracking your shipment, it often makes more sense to ship one large box of multiple items versus sending several smaller packages to a single recipient. Read more about how to save money on these shipments! Read More >
UPS Access Points are locations where you can both drop off and pick up UPS packages, and you can find your nearest one by using the UPS online locator. Read More >
USPS won't accept UPS packages at the Post Office unless a package specifically has USPS postage attached to it. Learn more about handing off UPS packages! Read More >
A UPS Overgoods Location is a facility where UPS keeps packages when a label has been used twice or if it was shipped long after the original shipping date. UPS also sends package contents to these locations when they become separated from their packaging. Read More >
In most cases except for USPS Ground Advantage shipments, USPS won't make you pay for undeliverable packages, while UPS and FedEx will. Read more about paying for returned packages! Read More >

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