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Once you fold a wheelchair and place it in a sealed cardboard box, you'll likely need to ship with UPS, as USPS has smaller maximum per-package size limits. Read more about sending a wheelchair! Read More >
UPS allows packages to have a maximum length of 108 inches and to be up to 165 inches in Length + Girth. Read more about the maximum UPS size & weight limits! Read More >
While Priority Mail Express is typically the cheapest way to overnight a package to most locations, the discounts you get from shipping software may make UPS the more affordable option. Read more about the cheapest options for overnight delivery! Read More >
You can put USPS packages in your mailbox as long as they fit and contain the right amount of postage, while UPS & FedEx won't pick up parcels from your mailbox. Read more about placing packages in your mailbox! Read More >
USPS offers same-day delivery for local shipments through the USPS Connect program. Learn how to access same-day delivery through USPS Connect! Read More >

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