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All USPS services come with free tracking included, and each package and envelope sent with USPS has a unique tracking number printed on the shipping label. Read More >
Have you ever heard of the Scotch Flex and Seal Shipping Roll? If you haven’t, you could be missing out on one of the coolest packaging innovations in recent memory... Read More >
If you shipped your package with any of the USPS Priority Mail services, it includes built-in USPS insurance. Learn how to file a USPS insurance claim here. Read More >
If USPS missed your pickup, the best thing is to schedule another pickup for the next day. If they miss the following pickup, visit your local Post Office. Read More >
If your express parcel isn't delivered by the time of the service commitment cutoff, you're eligible to get a Priority Mail Express refund on USPS' website. Read More >