What is the Maximum Box Size for UPS?

Learn about how big your boxes can be when shipping with UPS and why you may be subject to surcharges even when your package falls within the size limits
what is the maximum box size for UPS?
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UPS is one of the premier shipping carriers for eCommerce parcels, offering several fast and affordable shipping services that compete with USPS (and often win out). However, while USPS mostly transports smaller, handheld shipments, UPS allows for a greater weight limit per package, as well as a larger maximum box size.

165 Inches in Length Plus Girth is the UPS Maximum Box Size

For all UPS shipments, the maximum box size is 165 inches in length + girth. UPS also allows for a maximum length of 108 inches per package.

To compare, if you’re shipping with USPS, you’ll be subject to smaller package size limits. USPS only allows for a combined length + girth of 108 inches for all shipping services except for USPS Ground Advantage (which allows for a maximum length + girth of 130 inches).

How to Determine a Package’s Girth

To calculate the girth of a package, add the two smallest dimensions of the box together and multiply that figure by 2.

For example, let’s say you’ve got a box with dimensions of 40 x 20 x 10″ (Length, Width, and Height). You can calculate the girth using the following formula: (20+10) x 2 = 60 inches.

With 60 inches as the box’s girth, the length and the girth combined is 100 inches (40 + 60). So, this box is well within the maximum size limits for UPS.

The Maximum Box Size Applies to All Domestic UPS Services

Unlike USPS, UPS applies the same maximum box size to each of its services. So, no matter if you’re shipping with UPS Ground, UPS Next Day Air, 3-Day Select, or any other domestic UPS service, your box must be within 165 inches in length + girth.

Large Packages Will Be Subject to Surcharges

Just because your box fits within the maximum size limits for UPS doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have to pay surcharges. For instance, UPS will apply a “Large Package” surcharge on top of your postage costs when your box’s length exceeds 96 inches. You’ll also be subject to this surcharge if your box’s length + girth is more than 130 inches.

UPS Applies an “Over Maximum Length” Surcharge if Your Box Exceeds Size Limits

UPS won’t accept a box if it exceeds the limits of 165 inches in length + girth. However, there are some cases when a customer uses shipping software to purchase discounted UPS postage, hands the box to UPS, and then UPS determines that its dimensions exceed the limits.

When this happens, UPS will still deliver the package, but they will apply an “Over Maximum Length” surcharge on top of the cost of the original shipping label.

What About Maximum Weight Limits?

Each package sent with UPS can weigh up to 150 pounds. If UPS determines that your box weighs more than this once you inject it into their network, you will be subject to an “Over Maximum Weight” surcharge.

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