How to Bring Your Retail Business Online

Professor Jesse Richardson reveals how to bring your retail business online
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Are you struggling to develop an online presence for your retail business? Our resident Professor Jesse Richardson breaks down the basics of getting your store online, so that you can grow your business like never before. In this recorded webinar, Jesse covers everything from setting up your website, branding your design, managing your inventory, and servicing your customers in the most efficient way possible. Check out the video for some helpful tips and tricks!

Why You Should Watch

This video is perfect for you if you:

  • Run a brick-and-mortar retail store affected by recent closures
  • Are looking to capitalize on the eCommerce wave (retail eCommerce growth is surging despite the Coronavirus health crisis)
  • Are a business owner looking to take your website to the finish line

How This Video Will Help You Bring Your Retail Business Online

In this hour-long video, Professor Jesse walks you through:

  • Launching your website
    • Setting up your domain through GoDaddy or (
    • Setting up a custom email ([email protected])
    • Securing your social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Hosting your store
  • Basic branding and online retail experience concepts
    • Bringing your business’ physical personality to the digital realm
  • Why customer service is so important, and how you can do it simply and effectively
  • Shipping and inventory management
  • How to scale and grow your business once you launch

Still Looking for Some Help?

If you’re still looking for some additional help in taking the first step to getting online, reach out and drop us a line! We’re happy to assist in any way we can, and answer any questions you may have.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget about the other stuff! Shipping correctly is such an important part of keeping your costs down, and it’s often the most overlooked aspect of an online business. While you’re here, be sure to check out our guide: A Beginner’s Guide to Shipping with USPS.

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