eCommerce Growth surges despite Coronavirus
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eCommerce Growth Surges Despite Coronavirus

Online spending and merchant revenue skyrockets as majority of consumers shelter in place in their homes

Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, all the world is upside down…and will be for a while. Small businesses everywhere have shuttered, the government has injected an unprecedented amount of cash into the money supply, and over 10 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits. However, not all sectors of the economy have stilted. In fact, eCommerce growth has surged by massive percentages in the past few weeks, and as the majority of people around the world continue to shelter in place, it will only keep increasing.

eCommerce Growth in America Has Increased 37% In the Past Week

Just in the past 7 days, eCommerce growth has increased by a staggering 37% in the United States. It’s not just America that’s seeing an increase. Canada has also experienced similar growth, with a total increase of 41%. Australia is the next large country on the list, coming in at a 54% surge. While a majority of the percentages can be attributed to huge corporations like Amazon or Walmart, small businesses still account for a growing portion of the sector. By making use of platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, eBay and others, it’s easier for eCommerce businesses to start selling now than ever before.

Interestingly enough, the pandemic has had the opposite effect on eCommerce sales in certain countries. China’s eCommerce spending, for example, has fallen by a staggering 65%.

If you’d like to see these percentages for yourself, check out this interactive map that shows the global economic impact of COVID-19 on online retail.

Online Shipping Is Also Booming—Especially With the US Postal Service

As a direct result of the growth in eCommerce sales, online shipping has also surged. Many shipping software companies have reported record amounts of sign-ups every single day, and parcel volume for all the major shipping carriers has increased during the Coronavirus pandemic.

One carrier in particular allows individuals and small business owners to run their business completely contactless: USPS. With the best mix of affordable rates and fast delivery times, USPS is the premier carrier for eCommerce businesses. Now, during this unprecedented pandemic, the Postal Service’s unmatched delivery network is more essential than ever before.

If you’re an eCommerce merchant looking to start selling, the best way to ship with the US Postal Service is to make use of free online shipping software. Shipping software allows to buy and print your shipping labels at home at the deepest level of discounts USPS offers. The best shipping software companies even let you schedule free pickups, courtesy of your local letter carrier. As a result,  shipping software lets you run your business without leaving your house! In fact, we’ve heard from countless online sellers praising USPS for giving them the network to run their business in a 100% contactless fashion. Without shipping software, all of this simply would not be possible.

Are You an Online Merchant? Tell Us Your Story

If you’re an online merchant affected by the Coronavirus (positively or negatively), we’d love to hear from you. How is COVID-19 impacting your business? Have your sales grown, or have your sales fallen off? Drop us a line and tell us your story!

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