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Used and trusted by individuals and businesses alike, eBay is one of the most famous online marketplaces where users can buy and sell nearly any item under the sun.


Initially used mostly by everyday users trying to unload excess stuff online, eBay is now embraced by businesses, as well. Their Seller Hub makes it easy for sellers to process orders, analyze performance, create marketing campaigns, and more from a single interface. However, sellers should note that eBay charges transaction costs (like all other marketplaces). Also, since it is a marketplace, sellers are limited to displaying products on eBay’s platform instead of building a customized digital storefront.

Feature Overview:

  • Manage orders, analyze performance, create marketing campaigns, and more from a single dashboard
  • Print shipping labels at discounted rates
  • PayPal securely handles all payments
  • Browse more features


  • Quickly list products with a picture and description
  • Free to list up to 50 items per month
    • $0.30 per listing if you go beyond that
    • eBay takes 10% off of each sale as a transaction fee
  • Downloadable mobile App from App Store and Google Play store
  • Create an account to access customer support
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  1. Ryan

    Been using for years and years and never had a bad experience, items always ship on time and in expected conditions

  2. Billie

    I love eBay as much as the next person….call me crazy but I think the platform is actually kind of clunky compared to Etsy or Bonanza

  3. Shaughn M.

    Been listing on eBay for years, just random stuff here and there. Transaction fees are still a bit steep in my opinion but I guess that’s what you’re paying for to get so many eyeballs on your stuff


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