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WooCommerce is a free, open source shopping cart plugin exclusive to WordPress, allowing users to build an online storefront directly into their website.


WooCommerce markets themselves as “the eCommerce platform for WordPress,” which is pretty on point. Powerful and free to download, it is by far the most popular E-retail plugin for WordPress. Users interested in using it to power a digital storefront must first have a WordPress account. In addition, users are responsible for finding hosting with their WordPress account before they begin with WooCommerce. If you already use WordPress to power your website, then WooCommerce is a practical choice. However, potential users should note the free version is pretty bare bones. Therefore, they’ll need to pay for almost each additional feature such as package tracking, customer follow-ups and many more. This can get pricey. If you’re not already using WordPress, we don’t think it would hurt to check out some other “all-in-one” direct competitors, such as Shopify.

Feature Overview:

  • Sell unlimited products
    • List products, process orders, manage inventory and more all from your WordPress dashboard
  • Print shipping labels at a discount
  • Over 400 integrations and App add-ons users can pay for, such as shipment tracking, checkout editor and many more
  • Browse more features


  • Free to download
    • Note that users will need to pay for additional integrations and add-ons, which can get pricey
  • Users must already have a WordPress account
  • WordPress account holders can file support requests
    • Forum support also available on WordPress
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  1. Geneveive

    A friend recommended WooCommerce to me but didn’t mention that I needed a WordPress account first. I’m sure it’s great but I just ended up building my store with Shopify instead

  2. Jacques L.

    Be wary of the word “free.” It’s free to add onto your WordPress dashboard, yes, but you’ll still have to pay for a ton of integrations. Never seems to end

  3. Kaylee

    Let’s be honest, a lot of these platforms do the same things. But if you’re a WordPress user, then WooCommerce only makes sense! Run your business from the backend of your dashboard wherever you have a laptop and internet


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