How to Use an Amazon Locker

Learn about the benefits of Amazon hub lockers and how to use them for your Amazon deliveries
How to Use an Amazon Locker
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If you’ve recently stepped into a grocery store, a newer apartment building, or a mall, chances are you have seen a cluster of Amazon hub lockers. While most people choose to have their Amazon packages delivered to their home address, did you know that you can choose to have Amazon deliver your packages to one of these secure lockers instead? This guide is all about how to use an Amazon hub locker for your deliveries, and the benefits of doing so.

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What are Amazon Hub Lockers and How Do I Use an Amazon Locker?

Amazon hub lockers are secure, self-service kiosks that allow you to pick up your package at a place and time that’s convenient for you. You can use them any time you want, including on evenings and weekends. In a nutshell, they provide an alternative location for Amazon to deliver your packages if you don’t want to receive them at your residence or your place of business.

If you want to use one of these lockers, all you need to do is add an Amazon Locker to your Amazon address book. Then, during the checkout process for your item(s), select that locker location as your shipping address. Once your package is ready to be picked up, Amazon will send you an email with a unique 6 digit code. You can then enter this code into the locker hub to get the package from its designated slot. It’s easy as that!

Finding a Locker Near You

Amazon has placed thousands of hub lockers in over 900 cities and towns across the United States (not to mention the world!). So, if you want to find a locker station near you, chances are you won’t have to travel very far. To search for Amazon lockers near you or to add a locker to your address book, simply enter your address information here on the Amazon website.

The Benefits of Using an Amazon Locker

There are several benefits to receiving your Amazon packages at a locker instead of directly at your residence. We’ve listed the main ones below.

Lockers Give Your Package an Added Layer of Security

Since lockers are secure locations that only customers with the given access code can open, you gain an extra layer of security for your deliveries. These Amazon protect your packages from “porch pirates,” or individuals who come by to steal packages off porches. Unfortunately, package theft is a growing threat as the number of household deliveries in the United States continues to increase year after year.

Amazon Lockers Don’t Cost Any Money to Use

On top of the extra security, another huge plus to using an Amazon locker is that they don’t cost any money! When you select a locker as your shipping address, Amazon doesn’t add any extra charges to your order or shipping costs.

You Can Also Drop off Returns to Amazon in Hub Lockers

One final benefit to using an Amazon locker is that you can drop off your returns in them, too! If you’re far away from your delivery location, that’s also perfectly fine; if you’re returning a package to Amazon, you can place it in any locker regardless of where Amazon originally delivered it.

You Can’t Use an Amazon Locker to Receive Mail

Unfortunately, you’re not able to receive regular regular mail at an Amazon hub locker. These lockers are strictly reserved for Amazon deliveries and returns only. If you want to receive your mail at another secure location apart from your residential address, you should consider renting a PO Box at your local Post Office (if possible). This guide goes into more detail on how to rent a PO Box from USPS.

One Potential Drawback

The only drawback to using an Amazon locker is that you only have three days to pick up your products. These lockers are open to the public (or anyone who uses Amazon, which is basically everybody at this point), and as such, there is a high level of demand for them. Since Amazon needs these lockers for continuous deliveries, they only give you 72 hours to pick up your products. If you don’t pick up your package(s) within that timeframe, Amazon will ship your products back to the warehouse, and you’ll be issued a refund.

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  1. Lizzy

    Funny you say that the lockers are for Amazon packages only and cannot receive USPS mail. My employer has a locker on its property, and we sure receive JUNK MAIL addressed to Amazon Locker! These people must have SOLD the mailing addresses of their lockers! SO NOT COOL AMAZON.

  2. C. Skipp

    When does amazon tell you (and how) your order is waiting to be picked up at the hub locker?


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