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AEC Parcel Service is a specialty shipping carrier offering affordable, fast, and reliable international package shipping services from the USA and Canada to Europe and beyond. The company is a part of the Atlantic Express Corporation logistics group, which has over 25 years of global shipping experience.


Compared to other shipping carriers, AEC Parcel Service focuses on small, package-type shipments heading to international destinations. They ship from the USA and Canada to 34 European countries, including Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and more. With multiple drop-off points throughout the US and Canada, AEC Parcel Service guarantees affordable, fast, secure, and hassle-free deliveries overseas. They have operated globally for more than two decades as a part of Atlantic Express Corporation Logistics Group. This network enables them to provide customers with attractive rates for not just international parcel shipping services, but also car and container shipping services. By offering free insurance on packages, residential pick-up services and more, they always seek to save customers time and money.

Feature overview:

  • One of the most affordable international shipping carriers
  • Wide variety of shipping options, including express and economy
  • Convenient drop-off locations in dozens of states, with home pick-ups also available
  • Real-time package tracking tool
  • Browse more features


  • Get an instant quote and compare prices with their rate calculator
  • Package, car, and container shipping services
  • Free insurance on parcels
  • Human and responsive customer support (AEC doesn’t use chat bots)
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  1. Tom Flansen

    Sent a package to Ukraine and arrived around the time they mentioned. Price was much cheaper then the only other company I could find that even offers service to Ukraine.

  2. Peter S.

    Used their service to send packages to Ukraine and Poland before and everything went well. Parcels arrived in around 10 business days and the price was much cheaper then what i was able to find anywhere else.

  3. Nathan Fay

    Attempting to ship a package from the US to the Ukraine. Was given detailed shipping instructions, followed them to the letter. Package was returned as undeliverable. Forwarding agent said she had “no idea what to do with it” and “no one has ever done it that way.” After several e-mails to the main office and phone calls with the forwarding agent and the main office, no one is willing to take responsibility, refund my $27.20 in shipping costs, or offer any guarantee that it will not happen again if I should choose to resend it. I should have used the post office. I am out $27, and 13 days behind in shipping.

  4. Stefan

    Great service to send packages from the states with reasonable pricing!


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