All Star Corrugated

All Star Corrugated is a custom packaging company based in Fort Worth, Texas. In addition to creating custom corrugated boxes, they also create custom labels, packaging tape, stretch wrap and other packaging supplies. Potential customers should note they only service customers located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


All Star Corrugated specializes in creating custom branded corrugated boxes for clients big and small. Like some other packaging companies, they also create counter and floor displays for point of sale purchases in retail stores. Their prices are competitive and customer service is highly rated. If you’re running an E-commerce business, you’re in good shape! They also create custom inserts to keep your products in place during transit. However, they only seem to service customers in the Dallas and Forth Worth areas. Therefore, if your subscription business is in need of some custom packaging and you’re not in Dallas or Fort Worth, it may make more since to browse some other options. Most custom packaging companies will ship boxes out to you, while All Star Corrugated doesn’t seem to offer that perk.

Feature Overview:

  • Custom printing and image design
    • They can either present you with a brand new package design or modify your existing package
  • All Star Corrugated also offers extra services to their clients such as delivery scheduling and inventory management
  • Browse more features


  • Service limited to the Dallas and Fort Worth areas
  • Live chat on their website available during normal business hours
    • Phone support and an email contact portal also available
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  1. Dennis

    We brought our old packaging we’ve had for years to All Star and the team helped us modernize it and cut manufacturing costs! Give them a try if you live around Dallas!

  2. Thomas

    I contacted All Star about creating retail packaging for my microbrew business and they worked up great packaging at a great price!

  3. Caroline

    Would it be too much to ask to ship boxes to customers who live in other parts of the country?


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