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APC Postal Logistics is a postage consolidator, distributor and wholesaler. They provide international shipping and mailing services at competitive rates for volume mailers and E-commerce businesses. As a consolidator partner with USPS, APC drops parcels off at USPS facilities and USPS completes the last mile delivery.


APC Postal Logistics allows customers to access international shipping rates at discounts. They offer competitive delivery timeframes to over 200 countries, such as 3-5 business days with their Expedited International service. Small businesses often choose to work with a consolidator like APC because of their discounted rates. However, you’ll really only save money with them if you’re shipping out a high volume of parcels (over several hundred, to speak frankly). Also, you’ll need to schedule pickups farther out from the date, because someone from APC has to come to your warehouse. The truth is, shipping with USPS will almost always be cheaper in the long run because of a neat little service called Simple Export Rate. Go see for yourself!


  • International services include Expedited International, Priority International, and Standard International
  • Ship to over 200 countries representing over 1 billion online consumers
  • APC integrates with all label printing platforms

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  1. Bobby

    They are trash literally

  2. Irina

    Horrible company! Never ever deal with them and companies who works with themThey ruined my Christmas surprise!

  3. Tracy

    Terribly slow delivery…won’t order from companies that use them again

  4. Arnold

    I bought something and shipped by APC. Even i paid for express delivery, but after 1 month, I still not receive it. And sent email to customer service, there is totally no response. Worst shipping company.

  5. Heiko Nitzsche

    it is a nightmare with the tracking. No updates. Still waiting for my two items to arrive after 4 weeks.

  6. Lee

    Got shipping info of package going out back on July 6. Every time I check for my package and order tracking it changes to a week later and then another week and days later. Sometimes changes multiple time in a day. This is who the company I bought from uses. I’ve been in touch with them now and they say their is nothing they can do. I’ve asked for a refund. I’ll bet they tell me there is nothing they can do. Bullshit company!

  7. Kelly

    8 to 15 business days… what a joke. Will not order from companies who use them in the future. Been 32 days and still counting…

  8. Alina

    I ordered an item and it happened to be APC portal logistics to be the international shipping company. Their tracking link they sent me is a scam, as I called them on the phone and they could not find my tracking link. It also never got updated since then. I am still awaiting for my order for more than 4 months now. I tried contacting them but they do not respond to emails at all. I wish I could give them 0 stars.

  9. Gainer

    The only problem with this company is that ; It doesn’t provide enough info about our packages.

  10. Davi

    I bought something online and didn’t choose APC, it just automatically defaulted to them. Was supposed to get it in a few “business days” but it’s been two weeks and it still hasn’t arrived. Keep trying to call customer support but can’t get ahold of anyone. So frustrating


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