With offices in nearly every country in the world, Aramex is a private shipping carrier specializing in international shipping for businesses and consumers.


Aramex offers a variety of shipping services such as Express, Land Freight, Air Freight and Ocean Freight. In addition, customers can track every parcel they ship anywhere in the world, and can also receive real time notifications. Another perk is that Aramex recently partnered with WhatsApp for Business. This partnership will allow customers to highly personalize their delivery preferences and receive support, all through WhatsApp. While Aramex operates worldwide, their bread and butter seems to be delivering parcels to and from Middle Eastern countries. Therefore, we suggest looking at some other carrier options if your E-commerce business has international customers. USPS international shipping is still one of our favorite choices due to a special international service called Simple Export Rate. Simple Export Rate is the cheapest way to ship parcels under 4 pounds internationally with USPS, and you won’t find better rates anywhere else.


  • Next business day and same day delivery for urgent domestic packages
  • Customs clearance
  • Customizable API solution
  • Potential clients can apply for their “Startup Support Program”
    • Small businesses accepted into the program receive mentorship, competitive rates and sustainability support
  • Contact form available on their website for support requests

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  1. Nisha M.

    I do not know any company that has been reviewed worse than Aramex and I understand why. My package was not delivered in the timeframe I expected it and every time I called Aramex they just said they we not able to help me. If you can help it, try not to use them.

  2. Aman

    Normally carriers will notify you if they tried to deliver and no one was there to sign for the package. Not Aramex. They didn’t even call when they “attempted delivery” what a joke

  3. Rosanna

    The worst customer service ever, period!!!

  4. Linda Q.

    Not sure what all the fuss is about online. I bought an item online and it said it would be delivered by Aramex. It arrived smoothly without complications. Although, I WAS home at the time of delivery so maybe that helps. Seems a bit dodgy though, with so many bad experiences circulating out there.


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