Arka is a popular custom packaging company for E-commerce businesses that lets users easily design and reorder boxes on their website at affordable prices. They boast a ton of high profile clients such as Google, Chubbies, and Amber Rose’s recently launched SlutBox.


Simply put, Arka is one of the best custom packaging companies out there. Their design interface on their website is one of the best online design tools we’ve seen (if not the best). In addition, you can order as little as ten boxes at a time. Maximum order volume is 2,000 units, unless you contact them for a custom quote. Similar to other packaging companies, the price per box goes down for printing higher volumes. However, they only charge as little as $2.69 for an order of ten brown boxes. That’s still cheaper than a lot of other companies’ price points. If you are looking for top of the line packaging for your E-commerce business, we definitely suggest giving them a try.

Feature Overview:

  • Packaging design, printing, and shipping
    • Design and order mailers or shippers for larger items
  • All boxes ship to clients within 10 days after they are ordered
  • Browse more features


  • Order as little as ten boxes
  • Easily reorder prior orders with the click of a button
  • Committed to the environment
    • Arka sources recyclable materials for all their boxes
  • Request a custom quote via their contact form
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  1. Sophie

    We ordered our boxes one month ago and they are still being manufactured. Arka is all show: great website and horrible service. Working with Arka has set our entire schedule back and reading the disheartening reviews here makes me think it will take even longer to get our boxes. I so wish we had gone with a different supplier as we would have had our boxes by now. We certainly will next time.

    • Phillip Akhzar

      Hi Sophie, the holidays and covid have hit the packaging world hard but that’s no excuse for the experience you received with us. Please let us make it up to you on the next run.

  2. Michael

    Doesn’t look like they make the boxes in house. Sounds like they outsource the printing. The printing quality of boxes was not good! texts were blurry. I told them twice, but they apparently decided to ignore. Not Recommended if you need professional printing.

    • Phillip Akhzar

      Hi Michael, would love to remedy this for you. What made you think we didn’t print these boxes in house and what email did you use to checkout?

      We want to fix this for you ASAP!

  3. Jeremy

    I know they had issues during the holidays but I’m surprised by a lot of these reviews.
    Don’t people appreciate the fact that there’s a pandemic?
    Even UPS limited how much Nike and Gap products they ship.
    What do you expect from a small business provider?
    Any way, outside of the holidays, shipping times are quick, the boxes are great quality and at least they get back to me once every 24 hours.
    Will work with them again.

    • Matt

      I wish I would have read the reviews prior to doing business with ARKA. My personal experience has fell nothing short to what was previously stated by the other reviewers.. we have been going in circles with this company for 3 weeks now with nothing delivered.. horrible customer service to say the least.!! Response time is roughly 2-3 days and their response is broad and unhelpful.. Wish I could give a review about the boxes themselves but we have yet to even get that far.. if you want boxes in a timely fashion this is not the company that you want to go with… hopefully one day I can give a review about the finished product 🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. Sara

    HORRIBLE!!! I am not sure I can even begin to explain what a headache working with them was. My order took MONTHS to receive, and the best part is they printed it wrong. I approved the proof and they ended up printing my boxes with a different proof. I told them how upset I was and it’s been almost a week and they have not even tried to get back to me. Save yourself time go with another place! I can not believe how disorganized and unprofessional this company is! I am furious.

  5. Justin

    Like Bill and Yana, my experience with Arka is them failing to produce the boxes even remotely in the timeframe promised and refusing to give a refund. I strongly recommend you go with a different company.

  6. Bill

    I was told a month ago that the boxes we ordered would print that Friday (mid Oct) and ship 8-10 days later. They have still not printed, are said to be in a que with no date in sight. There are many competitors that can print boxes and meet their timelines. There is nothing unique about their box versus another’s and the lack of communication and execution result in a 1 star review. They are refusing to refund so we are having to dispute to attain our money back. The customer service is not helpful and it appears as if they have cash flow issues and cant buy corrugate to meet printing. watch out so you don’t lose your money and time.

  7. Yana Jo

    I am only giving this company 2 stars because the quality of my boxes is pretty good. However, the service, the wait times, and the communication don’t make up for the fact that I liked the boxes.

    I ordered a sample order of 10 to test the product and it took 6 weeks after I approved the design to actually receive the boxes. I filed a complaint in the midst of waiting and was not accommodated at all.

    I thought it was a simple mistake.. so I gave them another chance because as stated.. the quality was nice. However, a big mistake. I will never order from this company again.

    As a business owner that relies on quality packaging and branding for my business, this delays my company from selling in a major way..

    If you have time and patience.. go for it. However, if you’re a thriving business with a high demand I most definitely NOT recommend.

  8. Mary P.

    Once you design your box all you have to do is just keep on ordering them right off their website, it’s so easy!

  9. Aaron

    Was so easy to design my box with Arka and order my batch. The boxes came in the mail just a few days later and they looked great. Would recommend them to anyone!


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