Arvco Container Corporation

Arvco Container Corporation is a custom food service and industrial packaging company based in Michigan. Known in the industry for their corrugated food packaging solutions, they hold several United States patents for their package designs, such as their “Piece-A-Pizza Tainer” and “Pizza Tainer.”


Arvco Container Corporation is mostly known as the industry leader in custom corrugated food containers. However, they also create custom packaging solutions for businesses outside of the food industry. Most of the non-food businesses they create packaging for are agricultural companies, automotive manufacturers, and consumer product companies looking for point-of-purchase (P.O.P.) displays in retail stores. While Arvco can get the job done for small businesses, there are other custom packaging companies that specialize in E-commerce startups like subscription boxes. Therefore, we suggest exploring other options if you’re running an E-commerce business.

Feature Overview:

  • Create stock & custom printed containers for a variety of customers, such as pizza operators, catering companies, convenience stores, and “to go” businesses
  • Design and produce point-of-purchase display pieces for products in retail stores
  • Customized prototypes let you see and approve a package’s appearance during the design process
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  • In-house testing lab allow customers to fully evaluate a package before they produce it
  • Commitment to sustainability
    • Arvco Container Corporation produces all products with recycled materials
  • Private fleet of trucks and trailers to provide customers safe & timely delivery throughout the northeastern Midwest
  • Phone support during normal business hours
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  1. Justin

    We needed to create retail packaging for our beverage startup and the team at Arvco were super helpful throughout the entire process

  2. Matt G.

    Good products for food related products, just not what we ultimately ended up needing.

  3. Tom

    Googled “custom pizza boxes” and these guys popped up, so we thought we’d give it a try. Hooked them up with our image file and they created the pizza boxes for our business in no time at a great price!


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