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Atomix Logistics is a popular multi-channel eCommerce fulfillment solution for founders and innovative brands. By integrating to any store or marketplace and offering a unique, micro-warehouse model, Atomix provides an easy and efficient solution with a focus on sustainability.


Growing eCommerce businesses use Atomix to help manage their order fulfillment process, access discounted shipping rates, and receive high-quality customer support. In this regard, Atomix is very much a full-scale 3PL, but with a focus on helping the little guy. Atomix noticed that most fulfillment companies have high minimums and don’t build a true partnership with smaller, ambitious brands. As a result, they stepped in with a goal to revolutionize the industry with their software and the unique “Nucleus Pod” warehouse structure.

Atomix Logistics’ Nucleus Pods allow brands to efficiently store inventory and communicate directly with dedicated pod managers who handle their products on a daily basis. Every brand gets a dedicated nucleus pod and their own pod manager. Additionally, Atomix provides free access to an inventory management app and a customer success manager. While Atomix works with brands of all sizes, customers have noticed the inventory app takes some time to learn.

Atomix Logistics is a great solution for customers who might feel a bit lost in the shuffle with their current fulfillment partner. In addition, working with a Atomix is a great way to outsource fulfillment to experienced logistics and fulfillment professionals, while still maintaining control of the process.

Feature Overview:

  • Technology API Integration:
    • Import an unlimited number of orders from your store or marketplace
    • Communication Platform: Real-time communication setup with a dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Nucleus Pods:
    • Efficiency: System automation stores and allocates orders to reduce overall costs
    • Personalization: Dedicated Pod Manager who handles product on a daily basis and can communicate with daily
  • Customization:
    • Eco-friendly / Packaging: Atomix has sustainable partnerships and can handle any request for custom packaging
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  • Scalability
    • Atomix operations grow alongside your business
    • As your business expands, the Nucleus Pods are designed to accommodate
  • Fast & Real-Time Communication:
    • The API integration happens in seconds
    • Same-day fulfillment for every brand
    • 24/7 customer support from a live service representative
  • Specialization:
    • Specialized order fulfillment for new brands, DTC, kickstarters, subscription boxes that require a hands-on, experienced, and flexible partner
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  1. George P

    Great service! We didn’t want to outsource because we assumed the service would decline. Our business was growing too fast and we knew immediately the Atomix model would give us the best. It’s smart and most of all affordable and fast! We’ve been with them for 5 months now and our customers actually are receiving our product quickly.


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