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Australia Post is the premier mail and parcel delivery service in Australia. They offer domestic and international shipping services for consumers and businesses alike.


Australia Post is the biggest shipping carrier in the land down under. Similar to USPS, they have Post Office locations throughout the entire country. They offer postage discounts for customers shipping parcels in bulk. Customers can also buy postage online and print postage at home. In addition, they can also schedule free pickups directly from their homes. On top of integrating with popular marketplaces, Australia Post also offers integrations with niche E-commerce platforms such as Farmhouse, TMall, JD, and Lazada. Another perk is that E-retailers can add their user-friendly widgets to their websites and online stores, which is pretty cool, if we say so ourselves.


  • Over 4,300 Post Offices nationwide, including 2,500+ locations in remote and rural areas
  • Bulk discounts available through their “MyPost Business
  • E-retailers can add widgets to their online stores such as a postage calculator and different delivery options
  • eBay flat rate satchels allow eBay retailers to ship domestic parcels at low flat rates
  • Contact form available on their website for support, missing items, complaints, etc.
    • Phone support also available from 8 am – 6 pm, Monday-Friday
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  1. Karan

    My postie carded 3 parcels and said to pick them up from a particular post office which was not the closest one to my home. I am disabled so I had to catch an Uber to the location where the staff there said that the postie had carded heaps of items to the wrong post office and that my items were actually at the one 150m from my home so I caught an Uber there.

    The postie also lied about the date, they put 1 dec when it was actually 4 dec that they carded my items.

    I spoke to Australia Post and the guy who answered my call was great but the supervisors were not. They said they will reimburse for postage (my items were free postage) but not for the two Ubers I had to catch to get to the wrong post office. They are aware that I am disabled and that it was the fault of their postie but they don’t care. They said that it is Australia Post’s policy not to pay for transport when their staff make a mistake.

    The guy who answered the call really fought for me but the supervisors would not budge.

    Paul Graham CEO is in a position to change that policy but has chosen not to. He is deliberately tormenting disabled people which is a hate crime and won’t accept responsibility for the actions of his staff. He is too cheap to repay someone $23.62. Who risks their reputation and is happy to be known as an abuser for the sake of $23.62?

  2. Joel P.

    My wife and I sell trinkets on eBay every now and then. Love Aussie Post’s flat rate satchels! Makes shipping from eBay really affordable for us.

  3. Mimi

    Great for eCommerce, not just for sending to other Aussie addresses but internationally as well!


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