AxleHire is a niche shipping carrier that focuses on providing last mile delivery. They boast some big name clients such as Walmart, Gobble, HelloFresh and more. Potential clients should note that service is limited to Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Portland, and Seattle.


Since they specialize in local, last mile delivery, AxleHire is a popular solution for same-day and next-day shipping amongst retail and E-commerce businesses. They work with businesses in a wide variety of industries, such as meal kits/prepared foods, grocery stores, prescription medication and more. AxleHire also offers an API solution so clients can customize their shipping process. However, potential clients should note that service is limited to the western part of the United States. If time is of the essence for shipping parcels such as perishables, they are a fine option…but that’s money you don’t need to spend unless you HAVE to, in our opinion. We suggest shipping with USPS directly as opposed to working with a last mile delivery company. You’ll save more money, and you can ship certain mail classes like Priority Mail Cubic that deliver parcels in just 1-3 days.

Feature Overview:

  • Same-day, next-day, and 2-day deliveries
    • Sunday delivery also available
  • Warehousing and sorting services
  • Customizable API
  • Browse more features


  • Recipients receive real time text notifications and clients receive photo proof of delivery
  • Refrigerated shipping keeps frozen food and perishable shipments cool
  • Dispatch team offers clients 24/7 support
    • Contact form also available on their website

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  1. steve

    This delivery service is the worse.. not only they displaced the first order but the second order was delivered outside of the building just dropped off for anyone to take.. We order from Little Spoon and they recently changed delivery companies, horrible.

  2. Lisa

    I just canceled Home Chef because of Axle Hire. They left my delivery of food dumped on the curb at the unmanned front gate, sitting directly in the Arizona sun. They didn’t even attempt to call. I spent time I didn’t have tracking down the package, only to have customer service respond with “this isn’t where they were supposed to deliver?” In ten years in my home, this is the only package I have had dumped at the gate. This is after my delivery “wasn’t received at the warehouse” last week. I interpret that as stolen by Axle Hire. Stay Away from any company that uses this service and save yourself the headache.

  3. Tuni Bracken

    I signed up but never went through with it not realizing the warehouse was so far away. I have tried to cancel my account… they have all my personal information… I asked for help and the response I got was… “Do it yourself!” I told them to delete it for me because you literally can’t delete your information, let alone your account and that I was going to file a complaint.
    This was their response

    “I’m sorry that youcan find the way to delete your info off the app. I’m sorry you feel like we have not help out but i have gave all the INFO what to do, you can do want you feel like to make to you happy.”

    (This was copied and pasted to show how they respond)

    Everee C. was the not so professional customer service representative!

  4. Torey Pellegrini

    Chat service on website does not work. Tracking info for package brings up a blank page. Can’t get a hold of anyone in service to check status of my deliver (it was supposed to arrive yesterday)…

  5. Jon

    Totally unethical company; customer service run by psychopaths. If you work for or with them, they will steal your money and anything not tied down. And they will lose your package—guaranteed.

    • Bob Eubanks

      Your getting the brunt of it because the drivers go bankrupt thinking they will get work.

  6. Steffi

    Delivery driver apparently left the delivery on the street outside the gate to our neighborhood. No attempt to call us from the callbox, as everyone else does. Very bad service and obviously didn’t care about making the delivery properly.

  7. Shara

    Bad service. They didn’t deliver my food box the first day. They delivered everything else and skipped mine. They promised to get out next day but it did t get here again. Other deliveries were complete but they blew mine off for no apparent reason two day in a row and now food bac is bad. You would think they prioritize a box if they messed up the first day, it no. And no way to contact a supervisor or manager.

  8. Izzy

    Food meals not delivered two weeks in a row.Worst shipper I have ever encountered
    in over 70 years.: careless,stupid and totally

  9. James

    The absolute worst service I have ever encountered. Anyone using them for delivery should be embarrassed.

  10. lauren

    Horrible company. Lost or stole my package, I never got it and I had to ask the retailer for a refund. Do not use this company.

  11. Adriana

    absolutely fucking horrible. i live in low income housing and they decided to leave my GYMSHARK (super expensive clothing) package downstairs in the lobby. front doors are never locked and anyone can come in. my package was stolen. didn’t even come upstairs to deliver it.

    • Andre

      Same happened to me. Why does GymShark use their service? This is the worst delivery service

  12. Tori

    Trust the reviews. They are negligent in every sense of the word. if I could give no stars I would.

  13. Justice

    This is the absolute worst shipping service that you could possibly go through. They do not have correct delivery dates! And they give you the runaround, always stating that they are a third-party and to go through the person you ordered through. They do not update where your package is so you’re just left in a great area on products you purchased. Never again in my life will I use them

  14. Steve

    Package with tracking ¡5y4slr4phjhm2x5 was STOLEN by AxleHire driver.

    • Cat

      Mine was stolen too and I’m pretty confident it was the driver! We have lived here for 4 years and never had a package go missing. In the past this delivery service would deliver it to a completely wrong address no where bread my place.

  15. Kelly

    The worst customer service and no actual effort given from delivery drivers. They are unfortunately used by meal delivery services and I have NEVER had my food delivered the first time. I always get a memo that my package couldn’t be delivered because there was no access code given, when an access code is not needed to deliver to my address… the customer service always tries to make me feel stupid about it, like i dont know the layout of my own complex and they are arrogant and basically rude. luckily i have been able to switch days to avoid using them.

  16. Susan Anderson

    Terrible. It said it had delivered Blue Apron at 2:46 pm today. The doorman said there was no delivery. My buildling has a circular drive, clearly marked address, on a one-way street so no hassle, easy delivery! I’m still waiting 4 hours later for a response of where my box might be. Had a bowl of cereal for dinner.

  17. Erika T.

    I wish for a zero star. They delivered my HomeChef order to the wrong address, and when I complained, dispatch sent me a picture of a house (not mine, not even in my neighborhood). There goes dinner…. What kind of delivery guy can’t find an address at the age of iphones, Google maps, etc?!? And just randomly leaves a package somewhere, not even close to the address on the box??

  18. Lynne

    Absolutely horrible service. Literally the worst delivery service I have ever encountered. I would take a random Uber driver over AxleHire any day. My weekly deliveries are routinely delivered to incorrect locations, or left on the sidewalk rather than my porch, or their marked as delivered and I never see hide nor hair of them. I absolutely hate this company, and I am considering canceling services with the companies that use them.

  19. Sam

    I’ve never encountered a more horrible delivery service nor a more horrible business model. After reading up on how they hire their drivers and assign the work, it’s no wonder. I literally get SEVERAL HUNDRED deliveries to my home every year, from all the regular carriers (UPS, FedEx, Amazon) as well as the local food delivery services. My address is not that hard to find. Over about 6 months, Axlehire has about a 50% success rate delivering my Freshly food. They have literally left it a couple blocks away dumped on the side of the road on a corner in front of no one’s house, or they deliver to an address that is clearly marked and clearly not my address (I’ve seen the “proof of delivery” pictures”, or they just don’t deliver it at all (that I’ aware of) and claim they did. Every week it was a scavenger hunt of the neighborhood trying to find my food before it rots. Not once have they simply picked up the phone to call me and ask for help. It’s incredibly mind-boggling. I finally called them directly to complain and they failed to respond appropriately.

  20. colin

    Delivery cancelled because the driver was unable to locate my building using a GPS. I have had like hundreds of deliveries without issue, I get uber drivers that do a better job of delivering than this company. Their driver called me at 6pm on a sunday because he couldn’t find my building. I asked him to check that he had it entered in correctly. It’s not hard to find. He said he was stuck because there was a crane blocking the road. I walked outside and there was no issue with traffic or any road blocks. He cancelled my order. Couldn’t even tell me where he was. It sounded like a lie. Now I don’t want to eat the food that’s been sitting in some delivery dudes car for over a day. Cost a freshly customer.

  21. Annie

    They didn’t deliver my EveryPlate order on the day that was scheduled for delivery. I sent an email to customer service to check in on it and was told it was in their secure warehouse and that they’d deliver the next day. I asked if the warehouse was refrigerated and no one responded to me. I checked in again the following day in the evening because it still hadn’t been delivered at 8PM. Then I was told the driver was on their way. I received it. It was leaking and had clearly not been refrigerated for a hot minute. Sure that meat isn’t rotten. Apparently they only respond to basic emails, but not to any inquiries about their facilities. Think it’s safe to assume that when they miss a delivery they do NOT refrigerate the product.

  22. Laura

    Canceling Sun Basket because of Axelhire. They simply do not care whatsoever about you or your packages, and they don’t care about their drivers either. They’re SEVERELY underpaid, so it’s no wonder the drivers don’t care enough to properly deliver packages. They would literally leave a package on the roof before the front door.

    An absolute scam. Shame on Sun Basket for claiming to be ethical then hiring this company that clearly exploits their workers. Their “fresh” food is spoiled by the time you get your delivery anyways. Corporate greed, literally the worst of the worst. Axelhire… count your days

  23. Nat

    What a joke! Canceling HelloFresh. Said delivery failed and I was home all day with front door open! Never showed up and won’t reply to my email.

  24. James

    A complete joke. Gig-economy nonsense trying to cut corners by using untrained people who use their own vehicle to pretend to drop off packages. If you’re lucky, they get tossed somewhere on your block. If you’re not, they just disappear after a few days “lost” in their system. Greatest way to lose customers as a business is to use Axlehire for your last-mile.

    • Jean

      Doesn’t work for a meaningful fraction of the time, so far I’ve had 2-3 everyplate deliveries disappear into thin air, and I switched to hungryroot to try to get away from delivery problems and just had my first delivery from them also disappear into thin air. The uncertainty is worse than the hassle of reporting the missing deliveries to the food service company

  25. Glenn Baxter

    Amateurs at best. I called HelloFresh and threatened to quit. They switched me back to UPS, who never missed a delivery.

  26. MB

    I think this company is a scam. Two weeks in a row my home food delivery didn’t arrive. I was actually in front of my house waiting for the delivery when I got a text saying that delivery was attempted but failed. WHAT?!! The week before they said that it was delivered but zero sign of it. I firmly believe that their drivers are taking these meals and having a feast because they are not tracked and the food delivery company has to pick up the tab. You can’t reach anyone on the phone at Axle because of some hurricane overload to their system and they do not respond to emails. BEWARE AND DO NOT USE THEM!!

  27. Susan

    The WORST. NEVER on time, leave deliveries on sidewalk. Cost Freshly a customer.

  28. john

    Axle is constantly turning over drivers your freight is being handled by first day drivers . Beware you will lose customers .

  29. Eric V.

    I’ve been subscribing to hello fresh for a while and it was all good until they started using Axle Hire to deliver, I’m assuming to cut costs. Now my packages are delivered….sometimes. It’s brutal. Hate to say it but I’ve unsubscribed because it’s so unreliable

  30. Tess

    I’m just a customer, but trust the reviews and don’t bother using Axle Hire. You’ll lose your customers if you’re a business due to unreliable deliveries and poor customer service.


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