AxleHire is a niche shipping carrier that focuses on providing last mile delivery. They boast some big name clients such as Walmart, Gobble, HelloFresh and more. Potential clients should note that service is limited to Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Portland, and Seattle.


Since they specialize in local, last mile delivery, AxleHire is a popular solution for same-day and next-day shipping amongst retail and E-commerce businesses. They work with businesses in a wide variety of industries, such as meal kits/prepared foods, grocery stores, prescription medication and more. AxleHire also offers an API solution so clients can customize their shipping process. However, potential clients should note that service is limited to the western part of the United States. If time is of the essence for shipping parcels such as perishables, they are a fine option…but that’s money you don’t need to spend unless you HAVE to, in our opinion. We suggest shipping with USPS directly as opposed to working with a last mile delivery company. You’ll save more money, and you can ship certain mail classes like Priority Mail Cubic that deliver parcels in just 1-3 days.

Feature Overview:

  • Same-day, next-day, and 2-day deliveries
    • Sunday delivery also available
  • Warehousing and sorting services
  • Customizable API
  • Browse more features


  • Recipients receive real time text notifications and clients receive photo proof of delivery
  • Refrigerated shipping keeps frozen food and perishable shipments cool
  • Dispatch team offers clients 24/7 support
    • Contact form also available on their website

Not sure if AxleHire is right for you?

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  1. MB

    I think this company is a scam. Two weeks in a row my home food delivery didn’t arrive. I was actually in front of my house waiting for the delivery when I got a text saying that delivery was attempted but failed. WHAT?!! The week before they said that it was delivered but zero sign of it. I firmly believe that their drivers are taking these meals and having a feast because they are not tracked and the food delivery company has to pick up the tab. You can’t reach anyone on the phone at Axle because of some hurricane overload to their system and they do not respond to emails. BEWARE AND DO NOT USE THEM!!

  2. Susan

    The WORST. NEVER on time, leave deliveries on sidewalk. Cost Freshly a customer.

  3. john

    Axle is constantly turning over drivers your freight is being handled by first day drivers . Beware you will lose customers .

  4. Eric V.

    I’ve been subscribing to hello fresh for a while and it was all good until they started using Axle Hire to deliver, I’m assuming to cut costs. Now my packages are delivered….sometimes. It’s brutal. Hate to say it but I’ve unsubscribed because it’s so unreliable

  5. Tess

    I’m just a customer, but trust the reviews and don’t bother using Axle Hire. You’ll lose your customers if you’re a business due to unreliable deliveries and poor customer service.


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