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Bay Cities Packaging is a custom display and packaging manufacturer based in Pico Rivera, California. They also have a secondary location in Bentonville, Arkansas. Their area of expertise is creating custom floor displays for point of sale purchases in retail and grocery stores. Bay Cities boasts several big name clients such as Neutrogena, Campbell’s Soup, Proactiv, King’s Hawaiian and more.


Bay Cities Packaging offers a wide variety of custom packaging products. That being said, they specialize in creating point of purchase displays, retail packaging, in-store signage, industrial packaging, and digital printing. If your business is in the market for retail packaging or point of purchase displays, Bay Cities is a fantastic solution. They also create custom packaging for subscription box businesses, but Bay Cities is slightly more expensive per box than other custom packaging companies. Therefore, if you’re looking for high quality packaging and presentation for your subscription box, exploring a few other options wouldn’t hurt.

Feature Overview:

  • Services range from package design, manufacturing, and package testing
    • Tests include vibration, the “drop” test, and incline impact tests to ensure packages remain in tact during transit
  • Packing and order fulfillment services also provided
  • 91% of the corrugate they use is recycled and 100% of corrugate is recyclable
    • They are even certified by the Sustainable Forest Industry!
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  • Committed to sustainability and aiding the environment
    • Bay Cities plants 7 trees for every tree they “cut down”
  • Phone support available during normal business hours
    • Email support also available
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  1. Tara L.

    Awesome retail displays! Highly suggest working with Bay Cities to make your products stand out in the store


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