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Built specifically for artists to sell their work online, Big Cartel is a powerful E-commerce platform that allows users to create and host their own online stores. Big Cartel currently hosts more than 250,000 stores run by artists selling all kinds of stuff from all over the world.


Big Cartel is a popular platform amongst artists and creators of physical merchandise. Compared to other platforms their prices are quite affordable, with their entry-level “Platinum” plan starting at just $9.99/month. They have also placed a lot of emphasis on their platform being easy to use. However, users often complain about the site’s lack of scalability as their businesses grow. If you are a painter or clothing designer looking to just sell a few products without any headache, then maybe Big Cartel is right for you. However, if you run a fully functioning E-commerce business looking to service a wide customer base, we suggest browsing through some other platforms.

Feature Overview:


  • Geared towards creators selling merchandise, jewelry, artwork, prints and more
  • Three subscription plans: Platinum ($9.99/month), Diamond ($19.99/month), and Titanium ($29.99/month)
    • Free “Gold” version also available, but features are limited
  • Number of products users can sell are limited based on their subscription plan
  • Email support available from 9 am – 6 pm EST, Monday – Friday
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  1. Savannah

    Artists and creative types are notorious for lacking in business skill. I’ll admit that I also fall into that category, but Big Cartel makes it easy for you to turn your art into a business! You don’t need to be displayed at the Louvre to get eyes on your stuff now. Get plugged into the Big Cartel marketplace and start turning your creativity into profits! 10/10 recommend

  2. Wally W.

    Love it, been using it for years. Big Cartel is designed to make “business” easy on you so you can focus on your artwork and not on all the other stuff.

  3. Mayer

    Big Cartel makes it easy for me to sell my paintings and statuettes on a wildly popular platform. I’m on the Platinum plan and that’s all I need. Highly recommended for artists of all sizes.


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