Founded in 2010, Boxberry is a niche shipping carrier that delivers parcels to Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan at some of the most competitive rates.


The Russian Federation’s consumer power keeps growing—FAST. That means E-commerce businesses have more opportunities now than ever before to sell products to customers in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. This is where Boxberry comes into play. Specializing in delivering parcels to those countries, Boxberry advertises “lower prices compared to US shipping companies like USPS.” Their prices are indeed competitive, and using them comes with perks like complete customs clearance. In addition, delivery time to Moscow averages just 6-7 days. However, we still suggest USPS international shipping if you’re sending parcels under 4 pounds to foreign countries. You can use shipping software to ship Simple Export Rate, which is by far the cheapest way to ship parcels under 4 pounds internationally with USPS. However, Boxberry is a great option for sending parcels to the Russian Federation that weigh more than 4 pounds.


  • 3000 parcel offices between Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan
  • Standard delivery time to Moscow is 6-7 days
  • Complete customs clearing
    • They fill out all export declarations for clients and distributes goods into their parcel offices
  • Contact form available on their website
    • Russian phone number also available
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  1. JP

    My package never arrived. Customer service is a total joke. I paid hundreds of dollars for nothing. Thank you Boxberry!

  2. Winchell

    This company seems a bit sketchy at first but they’re totally legit. Had to send some clothes out to Moscow and they were delivered on time, in great condition and at a great price. Would recommend if you need to send packages out that way for any reason


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