BoxUp is a custom packaging company that specializes in short-run custom boxes at an attractive price. Most of their products come in the form of rectangular mailers and shippers, making BoxUp a popular choice amongst subscription box businesses.


While more expensive than some of their direct competitors, BoxUp is a fine option for creating custom-branded packaging. They digitally print all of their boxes, and their corrugation is known to be slightly more durable than other boxes out there. On the downside, BoxUp doesn’t have as wide a variety of different box styles as other custom packaging companies do. Most of their boxes are rectangular mailers and shippers. However, those are all you need if your business is shipping out packages like subscription boxes.

Feature Overview:

  • Their corrugate is slightly stronger than standard E-commerce boxes
    • 200# corrugate ensures your packages withstand transit and reach their destinations intact
  • Ink is somewhat “waterproof”
    • UV-cure ensures printed ink won’t run if left in a light drizzle
  • Design your box with their extremely user-friendly and intuitive “Flex Editor”
  • Browse more features


  • Need to create an account to save your box designs
  • Live chat support during normal business hours
    • Phone support also available from 9 am-5 pm EST, Monday – Friday
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  1. M

    Absolutely the worst quality boxes we have ever ordered. The print is very faded, and you can see the lines of the box under the print. The boxes themselves are shit quality and get soggy with one drop of water. Definitely not appropriate to ship products!

  2. Rosario G.

    I looked up a lot of custom packaging companies and chose BoxUp because of how easy their designer was. Any help I needed they responded pretty quickly on their live chat too.

  3. Tristan

    Their editor is awesome and made it super easy to design and order my boxes. Definitely recommend Boxup!

  4. Holly

    Perfect for designing our subscription box!


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