Brother QL-1100

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The Brother QL-1100 is the premier 4×6″ label printer in Brother’s arsenal, with the ability to print up to 69 high-resolution 4×6″ address labels per minute.


If you can get past the slightly higher price point, the Brother QL-1100 is absolutely the printer to buy. This printer is dependable, easy to use, and incredibly efficient. It’s also cheaper than its direct competitor the Dymo 4XL (depending on where you buy it), and the quality of the print is some of the highest resolution we’ve seen. Potential users should keep in mind that using generic Brother replacement labels may damage the printer, and that it may not be covered under warranty if this happens. In our opinion, however, using only Brother proprietary labels is a relatively small concession to make for such a great printer.

Let’s talk about the hardest pill to swallow about this printer…the price. The tricky about this particular printer is that the cost doesn’t seem to be uniform across all selling channels. Brother’s website lists it for $179.99, but doesn’t give customers the option to purchase it directly from the company, since the printer has been “out of stock” for quite some time now. Amazon shows a slew of different prices, ranging anywhere from $254 and up. So, you ay have to do some browsing through different websites to get this printer at the best price.

Brother QL-1100 Highlights:

  • Print up to 69 4×6″ shipping labels per minute
  • “Plug & Label” feature supports quick label printing of most basic labels – no software installation required for Windows PCs
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac, and integrates with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • 2-year limited warranty and exchange service

Not sure if the Brother QL-1100 is right for you?

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