Dusobox is a packaging company that produces corrugated products such as subscription box packaging, retail packaging, and point of purchase displays. They specialize in the B2B (business to business), B2C (business to consumer), and B2D (business to distributor) markets.


If your E-commerce business is looking for custom packaging, Dusobox is an option to consider. They offer a wide variety of custom corrugated products such as direct-to-consumer packaging, retail packaging, and point of purchase displays. Styles of their different packaging products include subscription boxes, gift boxes, floor displays, pallets and more. However, they don’t let visitors design a box on their website, and that’s a pretty big downside. Most other custom packaging companies offer this important feature on their websites. In addition to packaging, Dusobox also provides other secondary services such as fulfillment, shipping, logistics, graphic design and more.

Feature Overview:

  • Direct-to-consumer custom branded packaging
    • Other packaging options include retail packaging, point of purchase displays, and signs
  • They also provide fulfillment, shipping and logistics services
  • Browse more features


  • G7 Master Qualified Facility
    • G7 is a set of color specifications used to measure and ensure color consistency in the printing industry
  • Large amount of educational resources available via their “Dusobox University” page
  • Toll-free phone support available
    • Contact form also available on their website with detailed information you can provide to help them assist you
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  1. Austin V.

    Used them for a subscription concept we were working on. Ultimately scrapped the idea but these guys were helpful in creating our packaging and walked us through pretty much every step of the way. It’d be nice if they let you create a mock up on their website, I know a lot of custom clothing companies do that sort of thing

  2. Auroro

    Ordered customized gift boxes for a one-time event and they turned out great!


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