Ernest Packaging Solutions

Ernest Packaging Solutions is a packaging and logistics company based in Los Angeles, California. They provide services such as package design and production, supply chain management, inventory management and order fulfillment.


Ernest Packaging Solutions focuses more on industrial packaging equipment rather than designing retail packages for individual customers. They also consult businesses looking to boost manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies. Therefore, they’re probably not your best bet if your E-commerce business is looking for custom packaging. On a plus side, their website is and branding is hilarious. They’ve made videos with two of their main executives interviewing doppelgänger versions of themselves to help explain what their company offers. You’ll even be welcomed on the home page by an action video of their “E-Team” slow-mo walking in front of a cheesy green-screen explosion. So, they win some points for bringing some personality to a fairly unexciting industry.

Feature Overview:

  • Package design and production
  • Inventory management
  • Package testing and validation
    • They test your package design to make sure it holds up during transit
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  • Cut your shipping costs with their “Cold Chain Management”
    • Temperature controlled packages allow items like pharmaceuticals and frozen food to ship Ground instead of Next-Day
  • Custom mobile app that calculates dimensional weight of your package
  • Large logistics network, located mostly in the western United States
    • Over one million square feet of total warehouse space
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  1. Rusty

    Ernest Packaging (Houston) is a morally and ethically bankrupt company. I used their services for three years and then, they went behind my back to MY client and proposed to take over the services I was performing. Now my company is closed. I would never recommend anyone to do business with Ernest Packaging.

  2. Natasha

    We needed special packaging to ship our perishable items (baked/temperature-sensitive goods), and they got it done for us!

  3. Daniel P.

    Just used these guys for custom packaging. My business needed shipper boxes for our products and they got the job done. They also supposedly do inventory management too but we’re still keeping fulfillment in house

  4. Rick

    What their website lacks in flair they make up for in excellent customer service. Highly suggest contacting them if your business needs packaging


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