Fantastapack is a custom packaging company that allows users to create and order custom branded boxes and labels over the Internet. They are a subsidiary of a larger parent company called The BoxMaker, which creates custom packaging for businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Fantastapack boasts some pretty big name clients, such as Netflix, Facebook, Google, Toyota, HP and more.


Fantastapack is a fine option if you or your small business is in the market for custom packaging. They offer a wide variety of styles beyond standard boxes, such as book mailers, bottle carriers, shoe boxes, pizza boxes, gift totes and more. In addition to boxes, they also create custom labels and point of purchase displays for retail outlets. All of their packaging products are digitally printed, and their price points don’t break the bank. They also offer some cool perks, like a free Flipbook you can download that comes with a 15% off coupon. However, potential customers should note that Fantastapack isn’t able to offer custom inserts and dividers outside of the current styles listed on their website. If you’re running an E-commerce business, keeping your products secure during transit (and doing it with style) is a high priority. Therefore, it might not hurt to check out some other custom packaging companies that offer custom branded inserts in addition to packaging and labels.

Feature Overview:

  • Create custom corrugated subscription boxes, mailers, labels, and point of purchase retail displays
    • Choose between either white or Kraft cardboard
  • Digital printing used to produce all items
  • Potential customers interested in learning more can order a sample kit for just $5
    • All sample kits come with a 10% off coupon code inside
  • Browse more features


  • Download their Flipbook for examples and inspiration
    • Download comes with a coupon code for 15% off your first oder
  • They are not able to offer custom inserts and dividers outside of the current styles listed on their website
  • “Help Center” offers a good amount of support resources on their website
    • Email support and online contact form also available
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  1. Albert

    Very dissatisfied with the service from Fantstapack. We had ordered a sample of the box that we are targeting, and the sample box was received in good condition with good print quality. Unfortunately when we placed the actual order, the boxes we received were of a much lower quality. The boxes were shipped pre-folded in the wrong direction. This creates creases in the final box and it is very obvious on the outside construction of the box. The print quality we received in the actual order is much lower than the sample that we received. The folds and creases for the folds are also in different spots and much weaker than the sample.

    The actual order was also shipped improperly which led to a lot of creasing and tears along the sides of the boxes. It seems that they spent more time and care packing and shipping the sample box than the actual order.

    To top everything off, when I went to ship these boxes I was informed by the post office that the construction is most likely not strong enough to withstand shipping and that a box like this would be considered a product box. Fantastapack specifically advertises these boxes as shipping boxes. These do not hold up in shipping and I ended up needing to package each in a separate shipping box before shipping them.

    Overall I am very dissatisfied with the production quality and customer service from Fantastapack. I recommend staying away from this company.

  2. Fast Custom Boxes

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  3. Nika

    these boxes are the best. Great quality, great price I’m very satisfied. If you’re looking for boxes for business or anything fantastapack is the real deal. I love it thank you guys 😃

  4. aeryn watts

    The best and fast services for you.You can use the Custom Tuck End Boxes For your product.

  5. Michel Jigg

    How to Make Custom Pillow Boxes at Home? :
    One of the biggest benefits of customizing these boxes at home is that you can play with lots of creative ideas. For example, when you are finishing your pillow boxes, you can use a variety of decorative materials, such as ribbon lace and decorative tape, to suit your needs and preferences.

  6. Katherine

    I have been working with Fantastapack for over a year, and they print a number of different boxes / sizes / styles for my business. The quality of the products is top notch, and the pricing is ideal for those times when I need just a few boxes or large quantities. I’m so pleased with my experiences so far, and will continue to order my custom boxes from Fantastapack (as well as develop new products using new box sizes).

  7. Isabel

    I’ve written this on a few sites because I really felt like the customer service person did not take my seriously.
    I wrote to them to express some disappointment in the colors and the response I received from customer service was sarcastic and condescending. Ryan put “issue” in quotations throughout our exchange and informed me “hindsight is 20/20”. As a product designer familiar with packaging and using this great seeming company for a personal (small run) product I was really disappointed in the customer service, so disappointed I will not use them again.

    • Isabel Anderson

      Fantastapack has since contacted me because of the poor customer service and I’ve had a much better experience with Christina. Hoping this five star will cancel out the 1 star.

  8. Kristoff

    Ok maybe I’m kind of dumb but when I created my account and tried designing my box, I couldn’t find where to upload my artwork. Took me a while to figure it out. First you choose your box materials, input your (interior) dimensions, and type in the quantity of how many you want to order. Then, you have to click on “Design Online” to upload your artwork files. The boxes came out great and were pretty reasonably priced, but I just think the design process could have been a bit more intuitive.

  9. Charlie V.

    I ordered the sample kit to see what it was all about and was sold from there. The cost is pretty affordable and our boxes turned out great. Strong recommend from me!

  10. Emma

    OMG I forgot to fill out 5 stars and accidentally pressed “Post Review” and it rated them one star!!! Please disregard that prior rating, these guys deserve 5 stars!

  11. Emma

    Amazing boxes!! The flipbook has amazing examples to get you inspired and even gives you a coupon on your first order! Will definitely keep using Fantastapack for all our boxes.


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