Based in London, Gophr is a private courier service that hires cyclists, motorists and drivers in order to offer same-day parcel delivery throughout the UK. Gophr is a mobile app that users can download from the Google Play Store and the App store.


If your UK-based business needs lightning-quick delivery, you should consider Gophr. Similar to their direct competitor Stuart, Gophr offers same-day delivery with a focus on their customer experience. However, they are different than Stuart because they employ drivers and motorcyclists on top of bike messengers. Large trucks are also available for high volume shipments or carrying large, heavy parcels. Clients and customers applaud their quick delivery times, reliability, and customer service. Services are also fairly affordable, with the cheapest bike delivery service starting at just £4.50. However, they only exist in the UK…so if you’re reading this in another part of the world, don’t get too excited.


  • Clients can track their courier’s route with real-time GPS
    • Customers can also call or message couriers should the need arise
  • Integrate their API directly into your online store, allowing customers to select them as a delivery option when they make a purchase
  • Gig-economy model lets people sign up to deliver parcels on their own time
  • Live chat support available on their website
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  1. Colin

    I personally prefer Gophr over Stuart because they offer more courier options like drivers and motorbikers. I’ve tried both, Stuart doesn’t surge price but I find Gophr is typically cheaper


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