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Jane is an online peer-to-peer E-commerce community that provides a platform for small business owners to sell products through their marketplace.


Catering to boutique businesses and individual sellers, Jane’s platform is all about simplicity. Users praise the outstanding customer support and prompt responses from the service team. However, it’s not the easiest platform for sellers to get products on. Potential sellers need to apply to join the community, and it’s not uncommon to be rejected. In addition, Jane requires that sellers mark their products at discounts from retail prices…but they take a steep 25% of the “Deal Price” for each item sold. Our opinion? We think you should check out some other E-commerce platforms if you’re looking to plug your products into a large buyer/seller community. Transaction fees will almost ALWAYS be lower with other platforms. Plus, most of them will even allow you to create your own digital storefront in addition to selling on their marketplace…which is a pretty cool perk, if we say so ourselves.

Feature Overview:

  • Access millions of products at discounts off retail prices
  • Potential users need to apply in order to start selling on the platform
  • More than one million active and unique visitors each month
    • Most brands and businesses tailor to female buyers
  • Browse more features


  • Jane keeps 25% of “Deal Price” for each item sold
  • Minimum of 100 items (50 if items are handmade) for each deal
  • Live chat and email support available on their website
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  1. Becca

    Have had an overall positive experience on Jane. The entire team has been super helpful with support and the customer base is one of the most loyal I’ve seen. But the commission fee is pretty steep.

  2. Diane

    Tried to apply and got turned down, WTH!

  3. Josh M.

    Is this platform literally only for women?


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