Popular with businesses of all sizes, Lumi is a custom packaging company that provides clients with custom boxes and various kinds of packing material.


Lumi is one of the heavy hitters of the custom packaging industry. Trusted by big names such as the Wall Street Journal, Cratejoy and more, they provide clients with all sorts of packaging products such as boxes, mailer bags, bubble mailers, tape, stickers and more. In addition, Lumi’s website features a dashboard where clients can monitor their orders, track shipments to fulfillment centers and more. Keep in mind that users will need to first create an account on their website to design a package and request a quote. All in all, Lumi is a great option if your E-commerce business is in the market for some high quality custom packaging. However, unless you’re shipping out tens of thousands of boxes a month, there are some more simple options to consider.

Feature Overview:

  • Custom box design and printing
    • Clients can also order other customized material such as mailer bags, bubble mailers, tape. stickers and more
  • Monitor packaging orders, track shipments and more via a dashboard on the website
  • Browse more features


  • Lumi creates the standard issue boxes for Cratejoy merchants
  • Three pricing plans available: Starter (1,000+ orders/month), Growth (10,000+ orders/month), and Enterprise (100,000+ orders/month)
  • Contact form available on their website
    • Create an account to request a custom quote
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  1. Jake

    Good prices, amazing boxes and easy to design. 5 stars!

  2. David D.

    I designed boxes for my subscription business on Lumi’s website and couldn’t be happier!


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