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10% transaction fee

Tailored more to individuals than businesses, Mercari is a peer-to-peer online marketplace that lets users buy and sell items at heavily discounted prices.


Mercari brands themselves as “The Selling App.” As such, their bread and butter is their mobile app that users can download from the App Store or the Google Play store. This platform is best for individuals selling items here and there for some extra pocket change. If you fall in that category, then Mercari is a fine choice! It’s easy to sign up, take some photos of your items, and start selling. However, if your E-commerce business is looking to seriously sell products online and reach a wide customer base, this website is not for you. We suggest checking out some other platforms if that’s the case. There are several “all-in-one” solutions out there that are more powerful and don’t charge such a high transaction fee. Some of them even allow you to create your own customizable digital storefront. That’s something every serious E-retailer needs.

Feature Overview:

  • Free to sign up and list items
    • Mercari charges a flat fee of 10% per transaction when a sale is made
  • Sellers receive a printable shipping label via email when they sell an item
  • Browse more features


  • Mobile App makes it easy for users to sell items
    • Apple and Google operating systems both supported
  • Phone and email support available on their website
    • Users will need to create an account in order to access live chat support
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  1. Gloria K Threlkeld

    I have been both a seller as well a buyer and have been totally happy with results of both Customer service is also very kind and responsive in your concerns

  2. Erik

    Great for buying random stuff here and there, sometimes the prices are even lower then eBays but wouldn’t recommend for eCommerce businesses

  3. Jason

    Found some old baseball cards I wanted to sell when I was cleaning out a storage unit. Figured I’d give Mercari a shot. Took the pictures, set the price, and didn’t really get any nibbles. I guess people still don’t really know about it as much as eBay. Ended up moving my listing over there and sold all of them pretty quickly


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